How traceability, from requirements to tests, hits compliance and quality software development

What is Traceability in Software Development

In software development lifecycle it refers often to requirements traceability. But that’s not all.

Generally speaking, traceability is the ability to follow the life of a requirement (a customer need, a user story…) both forwards and backwards. It involves defining requirements, capturing those requirements, and following links between requirements and other artifacts such as tasks, tests and defects as well as other work items as source code or deliveries.

The new 100% Open Source Agile platform for FLOSS projects:

June, 6th, 2018. Enalean, the software provider of Tuleap, the 1st Open Source Agile Development tool, is opening today its platform to the world, in particular to Open Source public projects. is not like any other platforms for software development. That's the fully Open Source platform, providing so many Agile development features dedicated to host OS and Libre projects.

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