Code Review: what I've learned after 8 years

As a developer, you probably know the huge benefits of doing code reviews. But code review is a difficult art. And, I will perhaps disappoint you, but on the contrary to what you might think, things do not become easier with time.

Just start thinking about code review? Already using tools as Pull Request or Gerrit? I'm sure you can save time and do even better knowing helpful tips and practical advice. As the CTO of a development team practicing code review from 8 years, I feel ready to share what I've learned.

Where a lonely Git repo fails

As the leader of software development teams, you are right to focus on the heart of the project: the source code. After all, this is where the final deliveries are. On the tooling side, a version control system like Git is the usual choice. Yes, Git helps developers work together and collaborate asynchronously. Some development teams stop here. But they can do more to facilitate more effective software team collaboration and produce better quality software.

DevOps Tools Comparison : Tuleap, Gitlab, Github, Redmine, Jira, Polarion

DevOps is a good way to make your software launches faster, more secure, and successful. Of course, there is no secret tool that will make you and your team DevOps, or even Agile. But there are tools that can dramatically help teams accelerate quality deliveries. 
In this article, we help you better understand which tools can do what for whom.

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