How we build real-time features using NodeJS and SocketIO

Users are increasingly enjoying instant access to information such as emails, messages in chat rooms, changes made by everyone for collaborative work. A solution as Tuleap aims at making easier for teams' members to work together. To be really effective, some information require to be instantly shared without needing for the users to reload the page. In Tuleap, it is particularly the case for Kanban boards and the Test Management tool. 

NEW Tuleap Test Management: Test campaigns made easy

Test campaigns are about to get a whole lot easier. With Tuleap’s new integrated test management tool, your QA, dev, and business teams can:

  • Build ready-to-go-live releases
  • Run un-automatable scenarios
  • And, cut testing time by 2

Sound good?

If it does, we have some excellent news! After months of hard work and several previews, Tuleap’s integrated Test Management module is here!

Unit testing Vue.js : Challenges in legacy code


Vue.js as new javascript framework

For our software, we have chosen AngularJS as our main Javascript framework. But, when it came to develop a new widget for the dashboards, we figured out that AngularJS does not allow to display several apps on the same page. This problem led us to consider the usage of a new framework.


Example of project dashboard where AngularJS is used

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