Unit testing Vue.js : Challenges in legacy code


Vue.js as new javascript framework

For our software, we have chosen AngularJS as our main Javascript framework. But, when it came to develop a new widget for the dashboards, we figured out that AngularJS does not allow to display several apps on the same page. This problem led us to consider the usage of a new framework.


Example of project dashboard where AngularJS is used

PHP 5.3 will be gone in January 2018

PHP 5.3 is not maintained anymore since 2014. We still have backports from RHEL, but supporting this version of PHP slows us down in our developments.

Therefore PHP 5.3 will not be supported anymore after Tuleap 9.15 (ETA January 3rd 2018).

We plan to switch to PHP 7, but the gap is too much important. PHP 5.6 is a good necessary step (with an eol from PHP project at the end of 2018).

Getting your team into high gear. Give them tools they really want.

Choose the tools your and your teammates like. Don't let tools define your project. With Tuleap, you are free to select the tools you and your teammates will use.

Tuleap offers a range of open source tools -or modules-: issue tracking, agile management, source code control, content creation, etc. A great capability of Tuleap is to give full power of customization to project leads. With Tuleap, you can be autonomous in configuring your project area.

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