Because sometimes all you need is a quick overview of your projects, say hello to the new widget for Tuleap dashboards: the Project Milestones. Let’s dig into what it means, how it works and why you’ll love it.

Actionable agile metrics gathered in one widget

This widget is available in Tuleap Enterprise Edition only.

Let’s go back to Tuleap Agile Dashboard, the agile tool in Tuleap designed for Scrum approaches. Product backlog, release and sprint planning, burnups, burndowns…Tuleap Agile Dashboard is the perfect information hub for all agile projects. Highly flexible and configurable event for non-Scrum methods.

All agile indicators you need in your personal or project dashboard

For any effective project management, continuous monitoring and indicators are very important. In Scrum, key metrics allow to analyze projects’ progress, teams’ velocity and deviations to make timely decisions. These indicators include : start/end dates of development of a release, initial / remaining points, velocity, capacity, etc., and are linked together.
The purpose of this new widget is to display those agile KPIs, directly in your personal or project dashboard. It can be used either by the development team, the Product Owner, Scrum master… any other team member!

The Project Milestones widget

The 4 parts of the Project Milestones feature

The widget is composed of 4 main parts: RoadmapWhat's hotRecently closed and Past. Here’s what each one of them is for:

  • Roadmap: this is a shortcut to go to the top backlog of the project. Its displays the number of items in the backlog and the number of upcoming releases ;
  • What’s hot: displays all the releases in progress. You can get more details about them, clicking on their labels ;
  • Recently closed: display the last release that was closed ;
  • Past: display all past releases.
Project Milestones add widget
4 parts of the Project Milestones widget

Tuleap Test Management integration

Integrating information from Tuleap Test Management, you have in your hands the answers to all your questions with:

  • A pie chart with the number of tests by status
  • A link to go to the test campaigns of each sprint
  • At the bottom of the release, a link to go to the test campaigns of the release

Several projects at a single glance with several widgets side by side

agile scrum project milestone widget

Stay on-track and on-time. As a lead of several projects at a time, you can stay on top of your projects’ status, displaying several “project milestones widgets” side by side, on your personal dashboard for exemple. You get real-time views to find out at-a-glance if your projects are on track.

How to use this new widget?

First, you should have the “Tuleap Agile Dashboard” module activated in your project. In your project, a Scrum Agile Dashboard has to be configured. Once these steps are ok, you can use the Project Milestones widget. and display it on any personal or project dashboard.

agile project milestone widget

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