DevOps is way more than CI/CD

This is a follow up of this article with a community angle. Here we will share why the community is so important and why Devops is an entreprise wide cultural change before being a set of tools and techniques. We will also take you for a little tour of Ghent,...

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Software engineering master class at University of Geneva

Recently I had the honour and pleasure to start the Masters #SelectedTopics class at the "Centre Universitaire d'Informatique" of Geneva university. These classes are for the students following the master in "systèmes et services numériques", the aim is to make them benefit from real world practices. The class took place...

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How to customize project and personal dashboards

Adding widgets to a dashboard We'll customize the first dashboard a project workspace adding widgets and creating new ones. The process is the same for configuring your personal dashboards. We will also take graphs and cardwalls from a issue tracker and use them as widgets on a dashboard. Let's get...

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