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Example of Kanban for Software Development

Kanban is a very powerfull method. Kanban approach as a universal mindset, can be used to organize and manage all activities. From my point of view, there is no limitations in using Kanban boards. You can even use it for your personal organisation. But, for now, we will spend time more time on how you can use Kanban to facilitate your daily work within your organization, whatever the department you are working in.

Kanban method can been used in many departments of organisations of any size. It can been successfully implemented in IT departments, R&D, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing and so on.
By putting flow as the cornerstone of any activity, Kanban keeps you focused on incremental value over starting new things. Read this post to better understand how Kanban increases your team’s work quality and productivity.

Tuleap provides powerful and easy-to-use Kanban tool. Tuleap Kanban helps split work into small stages and focus on what’s hot, whether you are a software developer (agile or not) or in IT, human resources, or sales. You get to the finish line faster. Here is a demo video on Tuleap Kanban. Look how it is easy and fast to use!

Now, let's see deeper how you can customize Tuleap Kanban for your job.

Kanban for Software Development - Get insight into the progress of development work

Kanban is a popular tool for software development teams. Kanban approach is different from other project management methodologies in that it does not use time-boxed iterations. The cardboard column names are showing the different states of the development workflow. Visualizing this flow of activity helps understanding how work proceeds. The Work In Progress limit -the maximum number of ongoing activities (WIP)- is really valuable. It highlights where you should help your teammates to avoid bottlenecks.

Another example of Kanban set up for Waterfall Development

Kanban for Support and HelpDesk - Achieving efficient Customer Service

Kanban boards are very used in Support and HelpDesk activities. It allows you to assist your customers more efficiently, stay organized and deliver the needed support to them accordingly.
Guarantee of response time and quality of assistance are key success factors to any service team.Tuleap Kanban tool can help you stay organized with incoming feedback from your customers.

You can share virtual boards with other people that are required to fix the problems. Thanks to the Tuleap options, you can specify what fields you need to be displayed on the cards for provide a responsive support.

Example of Kanban for Support Activity

Kanban for Human Resources - Keep track of job candidates

Tuleap Kanban boards can also successfully be implemented in a Human Resources departments, for example to visualize hiring workflow. Receiving lots of job applications, you perhaps already faced the question: " In what phase of the hiring process are we with this person?" A Kanban can easily help managing the interview procedures.

Example of Kanban for tracking Job Applications

Kanban for Business - Kanban as a sales pipeline tool

Use Tuleap Kanban to streamline your sales cycle. You can use Kanban approach as a contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final contract.

Example of Kanban for Sales Department

Now play! Watch this tutorial to create your own Tuleap Kanban boards.

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