by Matteo Mazzeri

This post is the first in a series about the nitty-gritty of modern software development practices and will enable you to optimize your development process while drastically reducing costs, (some companies have calculated savings thanks to the use of Tuleap at six figures per day) while improving the quality of production and communication within teams. Should this not be reason enough to use Tuleap, here are several others that will help you achieve excellence in software development.


Modern development is about setting up a seemless flow that ensures that you are developing what the customer really needs, in the most efficient manner. Simple to say but this requires a lot of organisation and a seemless process that allows the following:

  • Each person of the team knows what they need to be working on at any moment (personalized dashboard)
  • Coordination between the team members (project management)
  • Feedback loops to ensure production is on the right track (agility)
  • Ability to trace any change done to the source code (source control)
  • Some procedures to make sure that what the team is developing actually works  (testing)
  • A way to ensure that the code is well written (code review)
  • A way to release the code in the production environment (continuous integration & continuous delivery)
  • A memory system to keep track of what features/bugs have been released/solved and how (tracking system)
  • A system to manage bug reports and customer feedback (issue tracking)

Tuleap is the only system that seemlessly allows to integrate all of the above empowering your teams to reach excellence, producing the best software as fast as geekly possible while keeping you in control. We will see why this is important.

To implement the above and ensure quality development, a productive team needs several tools:

While the tools alone are not the answer, a team that has a good process can leverage the following tools to improve performance.

    • requirements and documentation management
    • flexible project management
    • source code management
    • code review system
    • testing
    • continuous integration
    • issue tracking
    • communication
    • knowledge base

Winning teams are those that manage to integrate these tools in a smooth flow.

If these tools are disconnected from each other, there are several drawbacks.

Adapting the workflow to the team needs is almost impossible therefore it’s the team that has to make concessions and adapt to the different tools.

Managing permissions can be a nightmare, and eventually it will not be done, giving rise to security risks creating silos within the company resulting in a difficult communication flow.

The time needed for configuration of each tool is huge and you need a specialized team just to manage the tools. Such a a set up hinders progress, wastes a lot of time and limits quality output tying your team down thus limiting innovation, creativity and team motivation.

We believe that the tool has to shape to the team not vice-versa

One tool to link them all! Tuleap comes with all the above tools, providing an efficient and virtuous solution that increases the team’s productivity, motivation and quality of work in a virtuous flow. Our users say Tuleap is easy to learn and use

This integration gives access and visibility to the whole of the project past present and future.

A major advantage and gain of time is to be able to treasure your previous experience

Easily you will be able to capitalize on previous experience and knowledge, iteratively improving and accelerating development of quality code. Teams can experiment, evolve and integrate their workflow in a natural continuous improvement process.

Having an easy access from requirements to source code, from commits to builds while tracking and logging everything; releases, bugs, sprints and cross linking every bit of information, liberates your team’s genius and opens the road to achieve greatness.

Flexibility. Don’t impose company wide workflow, adapt to each team needs.

Tuleap’s flexibility and modularity allows your company to configure it precisely, answering each of your teams needs, be it a 2 person startup or a several thousand people multinational, you can fit Tuleap to your process and empower each team to meet it’s specific needs and workflow.

The advantages of using Tuleap are many:

  • Deploy at your own pace (Tools are integrated,  no licence, deploy at the flick of a switch)
  • Integrated project management Agile or Waterfall or hybrid (SCRUM Kanban or any configuration V model, CMMI, ITIL) 
  • Source control with GIT, SVN or VCS
  • Improve communication and information flow & visibility (A single entry point)
  • Continuous improvement (flexible and customisable facilitates experimentation)
  • Transition from waterfall to agility
  • Easy global rights management (use LDAP and define rights per field if needed)
  • Integrated issue & bug tracker
  • Documentation (wiki, versioning)
  • Auditing & traceability
  • No vendor lock-in (GPL V2)

The advantage of having this type of layout is a phenomenal gain of time, increased security, and a usable synchronized system completely owned by you!

The cherry on the cake, tuleap is 100% libre and free software!

This is a big deal, having such a high quality tool on which the whole of the development of your company software rests upon, the primary value of your company stays in your hands, and you can have full control and transparency on Tuleap. You can be assured that the software will always be maintained and updated thanks to Enalean and it’s Open Roadmap research and development model for Tuleap

The importance of using stable enterprise class libre and open source software is beyond doubt the present and future proof choice.

In the following post we will take a deeper look at different project management techniques. 

Try Tuleap today and if you want professional support Enalean is your partner of choice.

Matteo Mazzeri


Matteo Mazzeri

A tech evangelist, citizen of the world, and open source software ambassador, Matteo is passionate about helping private and public organizations thrive in the digital revolution. His talent lies in understanding the connections between technology and societal development. He facilitates the Tuleap community, especially in Switzerland.

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