What an amazing day. We have been lucky enough to be part of the new edition of CBI @CERN talking about collaboration. Sure you know CERN, the famous European Organization for Nuclear Research astride the Franco-Swiss border, near Geneva. Yes, CERN the place where collaboration is the foundation! What a great honour. Thank you Joona to make this possible.

Tuleap Team was there to give a talk about digital collaboration and demo how teams can collaborate with Tuleap. Teams could then benefit to use Tuleap Campus for their projects, a hosted version of Tuleap accessible for free to all students. Yes,

Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) is a project course, where multidisciplinary student teams and their instructors collaborate with researchers at CERN to discover novel solutions for the future of humankind. The projects are a mixture, where the technologies derived from research at CERN meet societal, human-driven needs.

CERN Aereal View: Image wikimedia
CERN Aereal View: Image wikimedia

Delightful outcomes are produced thanks to the wildest combinations of disciplines and cultures, students come from all over the world, and disciplines vary from industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineering, a variety of economists and business students, architecture and robotics.

The over 40 students in the program work on five different projects for the next three months and we are very happy that 3 teams have chosen to use Tuleap-campus to collaborate on Improving the life of IDD people, Psychological rehabilitation after traffic accident and Innovating the maintenance system in the industry.

Tuleap-campus is the platform sponsored by Enalean that is free of use for all student projects. All you need to do is create a free account here

Here some pictures to give you the feel of the day.

Ideasquare the CERN innovation experiment, is a fantastic innovation playground, not only the students have access to all sort of equipment to make their projects come true but they also have access to CERN’s scientist and engineers, here the entrance to IdeaSquare

And Joona, Tuuli and everyone at IdeaSquare know how to make you feel welcome, in the great common kitchen you have good coffee and delicious croissants.

Indeed such breakfast is a great start to the day as you can see

That’s a very handy mic for audience questions that Joona is throwing

Knowledge transfer presentation by David Mazur and Zoe LAWSON

Collaboration is a state of mind.

Presentation of Tuleap Campus

All is done at Ideasquare to get the creativity juices flowing. Ever wanted to have a meeting in a doubledecker ? at IdeaSquare you can 🙂

The number of technology domains at CERN is quite amazing. Students can choose technologies developed at cern with the Open hardware licence to develop their projects or just build ex-novo

Some details about the Open hardware licence, Created in the spirit of knowledge and technology dissemination, the CERN OHL is a legal framework to facilitate knowledge exchange across the electronic design community, and the distribution of hardware design and the manufacture and distribution of products.

The port humanitarian hackathon also takes place at CERN and Daniel was there. He told us he enjoyed the collaboration presentation and that The Port was looking for a tool to let them collaborate and that from what he had seen Tuleap could do it. We would be very happy to help THE Port use Tuleap. Taken from THE Port website “We combine creative minds from CERN and non-profit organisations in interdisciplinary teams to work on humanitarian technology related benefits to society.”

Talking about collaboration, not far from IdeaSquare in one of the loooong CERN corridors you can come across the office where Sir Tim Berners Lee developed the WWW

All this would not be possible without Joona Kurikka that we would like to thank very much. Here a short video to introduce CBI @ CERN

We would also like to thank Juan Ramos from UPC Polytechnic University of Catalonia and last but not least all the students that have been great.

Have a fun CBI and make great things to improve society.

We will have a webinar for all the students that have questions about their usage or that want to get a project started on the 27th of september at 11:30am Central European Summer Time

Thank you all very very much 🙂


Matteo Mazzeri

A tech evangelist, citizen of the world, and open source software ambassador, Matteo is passionate about helping private and public organizations thrive in the digital revolution. His talent lies in understanding the connections between technology and societal development. He facilitates the Tuleap community, especially in Switzerland.

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