Code Review: what I've learned after 8 years

As a developer, you probably know the huge benefits of doing code reviews. But code review is a difficult art. And, I will perhaps disappoint you, but on the contrary to what you might think, things do not become easier with time.

Just start thinking about code review? Already using tools as Pull Request or Gerrit? I'm sure you can save time and do even better knowing helpful tips and practical advice. As the CTO of a development team practicing code review from 8 years, I feel ready to share what I've learned.

The developers in the Tuleap team experienced highs and lows with code review. We learned a lot. We got a little better, steps by steps. We now know how to include the code review step into development workflow, how share feedback, which piece of code ask first for review, i.e how to increase quality product.

Join me on the 14th November at Agile Grenoble to learn how improve your code review practices. I will share my best tips.

Can't attend? Engage with me on Twitter or Linkedin. It'll be a pleasure to talk with you and send my slides.

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8 questions on Code Review I will answer

  • Why is code review such an important process?
  • Is it better to adopt a formal or less formal approach?
  • How to do so that code review is not a stressful experience for coders?
  • Does each code change need a review?
  • Can we automate a part of code review?


Chief Technical Officer at Enalean, the software provider of Tuleap, Manuel is a strong advocate of Libre and Open Source software and agile practices. He regularly takes part in conferences where he enjoys discussing about teamwork, coding or recruitment. In short, chatting about life in a technological company.

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