DevOps is a good way to make your software launches faster, more secure, and successful. Of course, there is no secret tool that will make you and your team DevOps, or even Agile. But there are tools that can dramatically help teams accelerate quality deliveries. 
In this article, we help you better understand which tools can do what for whom.

NB: This list is not exhaustive. We have included the DevOps tools used by the Tuleap development team and the ones Tuleap is usually compared to.

DevOps key principles

As a reminder and to keep this in mind when reading this article, here are generally three reasons to move to a DevOps approach:

Improve team work and collaboration

Rapid and Continuous Delivery

Automated Development Workflow

DevOps tool comparison: by openness and team profile

This graph positions the tools with two axes:

  • The “Open Source vs Proprietary” axis, vertically. When selecting a new tool, IT departments have to pay particular attention to the question of the licensing. As you should know, only Open Source software brings long-term viability and more security. Read 10 advantages of Open Source for the enterprise
  • The “team profile” axis, horizontally. Depending on the type of departments you would like to empower, you will select a solution focused on one single objective or a full-featured tool if you want to improve collaboration between teams.

DevOps tool comparison: by people

Business Analysts Product Managers Project Leads Developers Testers IT pros Service Desk Customers
Additional Atlassian product Additional Atlassian product Additional Atlassian product Additional Atlassian product

Limited features

Limited features

DevOps tool comparison: by development step

Customize work space, roles, granular permissions

Plan product releases

Manage Agile projects. Scrum +Kanban

Track items with tailored workflow

Version code

Review code

Test E2E

Build CI

Operate Monitor

Not all editions
Additional Atlassian product Additional Atlassian product Additional Atlassian product
Separately adds-on
Limited features

Limited features

Limited features

Want a secure and sustainable DevOps tool, enhanced with powerful Agile capabilities? This is the place.



Manon Midy

Manon has been working in the software engineering world from 2008. She enjoys the challenge to create economic value for a company where innovation and open source are the DNA. She is convinced it’s possible to provide professional services embracing FLOSS values (open-mind, transparency, co-elaboration) with business objectives. She believes the real strength of Enalean comes from the valuable men and women in their teams, as well as the powerful Tuleap techno.