EclipseCon France 2017 June 21-22: Airbus story, Tuleap updates

Tuleap team will have the pleasure to see you (again:-) at the EclipseCon France, June 21-22, in the pink city of Toulouse.

Experience Tuleap new features

Try it out on Tuleap booth

Tuleap is sponsor of the event and we will welcome you at our booth to show you the latest Tuleap features:

Attend the live demos and talk

Manon from the Tuleap team will show you the latest Tuleap big capabilities listed above. Indeed, in the latest versions, Tuleap confirms its ALM strategy: providing tooling for all the software teams members: for developers, here are Git Pull Requests, for Project Leads, the Advanced Tracker Query Language, for Agile people, Mattermost Scrum reports.

This talk will explain you how to use these valuable features now available on the platform put at all Eclipse projects' disposal.

Come by and we'll show you that!

Where-when is it: Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 16h00 to 16h35, in the Spot room.

Read the abstract

The new era of ALM in Airbus with Tuleap

Alain BERNARD and Nicolas FANJEAU will give a talk to share why and how Airbus is using Tuleap. They will demonstrate how they use Tuleap in the Engineering domain, integrated with Eclipse, to automatically send and monitor errors from the end-users applications to the server. You will learn that Tuleap has been deployed for one year across Airbus. They appreciate Tuleap advantages like the easy configuration, that allow matching the expectations of all teams.
Finally, they will focus on how Tuleap will be the masterpiece of Airbus’ DevOps strategy.

Where-when is it: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 11:30 to 12:20, in the Diamant room.

Read Airbus abstract

See you there !

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