by Manon Midy

Designed to be adapted. Tailor each Tuleap tracker per project, the way you work : add fields, move columns, in no time.

This is a complete video tutorial about how tailor Tuleap trackers to your needs:

  • Create new tracker
  • Set general settings
  • Custom tracker: add, remove, organize fields
  • Control who access what : permissions
  • Automate actions : workflow & field dependencies
  • Define field semantic
  • Save time: canned responses
  • Keep informed: notifications
  • Normalize processes: tracker structure as a template
  • Organize artifacts: tracker hierarchy

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Manon Midy


Manon Midy

Manon has been working in the software engineering world from 2008. She enjoys the challenge to create economic value for a company where innovation and open source are the DNA. She is convinced it’s possible to provide professional services embracing FLOSS values (open-mind, transparency, co-elaboration) with business objectives. She believes the real strength of Enalean comes from the valuable men and women in their teams, as well as the powerful Tuleap techno. 

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