by Manon Midy

Github just got acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft engagement around Git to make it even more enterprise ready is a good sign for the future of the service and recent engagement around open source at large shouldn’t worry current users.

That said it might be time to do a self-assessment and check whether GitHub (or alike) is still the best tool for you. Are you ready to review your commitment to Open Source (keep in mind, GitHub is not)? To take a leap forward your software engineering journey?

If you are part of those who want to do better, read this article. It enlightens why Tuleap might be a better option for you than GitHub.

GitHub is for developers, Tuleap for teams.

GitHub and Tuleap do not target exactly the same users and usage. If GitHub targets mainly developers and small teams, Tuleap is the real estate for large and diverse teams.

For sure, with Tuleap, Developers are well served : Git, Subversion, Issue Tracking, Continuous Integration, etc. In addition, Customers, QA, Project manager, Product Owners : Scrum, Kanban, Test management, Deliveries, Document, etc) are served as well.

Tuleap for software teams and more

GitHub is made of repositories, Tuleap of workspaces.

On GitHub, the key element is a repo. Then, people push code and trace, simply, issues.

On Tuleap, the key element is a project workspace. It’s closer to GitHub organisations. In a Tuleap workspace, you can have one or several Git repositories, one or several issue trackers, one common backlog, etc. As for organisations, you can define shared groups of users and granular permissions.

Tuleap is made of workspace with all teams and agile development tools

Feature comparison

Advanced tracker : workflow, granular user roles, flexible permissions by tracker and project user groups, own tracker templates, per tracker field customization, advanced search langage, related issues, export as CSV
Simple tracker
Drag’n drop, Product Backlog, Release and Sprint planning, burnup, burndown, velocity
Real-time card boards, WIP limitation, customizable columns, cumulative chart
Simple card board
One or several Git repos per project. Permissions. Inline comments. Integrated Subversion
One Git repo. Inline Comments.
Advanced workflow
Automated and Manual test campaigns. Traceability
Reporting tables, pies, barrs, cumulative charts, Time tracking. Due date
Simple charts
By project document workspace. Approval workflow. Fine permissions. Wiki.
Simple wiki
Mattermost IM connectors for Git pushes and Scrum reports

It’s time to turn the corner. Make your software a competitive advantage.

Here are our tips.

1. SW is now more than storing code. It’s CROSS-TEAM collaboration.

To build satisfying and profitable products, organisations have to make R&D, Manufacturing, Software development and Quality Assurance teams work together.

With Tuleap, all teams are under the same roof. Developers, Project leaders, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, maintainers, share the same project scope and monitor progress. Everyone is synchronized.

2. SW is more than fast deployment. It’s delivering the RIGHT product.

In the face of industry (r)evolution, organisations must put customers’ expectations as the heart of the product creation. Agility is an efficient approach to focus on customer value.

Tuleap helps starting and scaling agile approaches as Scrum and Kanban. Teams can track the most important things for final users. This ensure they are focused on the right developments, at the right moment.

3. SW is end-to-end traceability

To deliver the good product at the good moment, our secret is to achieve complete traceability, from initial request to delivery. Traceability improves the software build:

Align your changing business needs with the software developed

Tracking requirement changes ensures teams are creating the « right product » not only the « product right ». You can be assured the development teams is developing a software that your company actually needs for being competitive.

Share the project vision

Giving the scope of the project to the all teams helps understand implementation and specification : source code is reviewed based on acceptance criteria, tests are performed with an understanding of the final usage.

Avoid costly bugs

Software always contains bugs that need to be fixed. Tracing project items through the development process helps understand the software life. It helps identify errors and regressions early in the development lifecycle and fix them before delivery.

Satisfy compliance for industry and regulatory standards

Delivering audit-ready software is a compulsory feature for regulated products.

An addition of dispatched tools prevent end-to-end traceability. Solely an all-ine-one solution enables to do so, connecting the dots, avoiding switching from one tool to another.
The organisations using Tuleap achieve industry compliance, tracing customers’ expectations back to code, to test campaigns, to final deliveries.

Last but not least

100 % Open Source

Tuleap project has always be driven by agile principles, transparency and FLOSS spirit. Tuleap has two editions, the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Both are 100 % Open Source licenced. Not Open Core. Think of it.

New features each month

Tuleap team provides new features and bug fixes each month. Look at the release notes.

Continuous value with Tuleap Enterprise

What you get freely from the Tuleap Community Edition is really great. But for mission-critical environments, there is real value from Tuleap Enterprise: less time solving stuff, more time creating smart software.

With direct access to Tuleap engineers, Tuleap Enterprise enables you successfully start, build and scale agile software engineering. More than just technical expertise, Tuleap team helps you strategically configure and design Tuleap Enterprise tools to reach your industry challenges.

That’s time to move to Tuleap #movingtotuleap

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Manon Midy


Manon Midy

Manon has been working in the software engineering world from 2008. She enjoys the challenge to create economic value for a company where innovation and open source are the DNA. She is convinced it’s possible to provide professional services embracing FLOSS values (open-mind, transparency, co-elaboration) with business objectives. She believes the real strength of Enalean comes from the valuable men and women in their teams, as well as the powerful Tuleap techno. 

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