Adding widgets to a dashboard

We’ll customize the first dashboard a project workspace adding widgets and creating new ones. The process is the same for configuring your personal dashboards.

We will also take graphs and cardwalls from a issue tracker and use them as widgets on a dashboard. Let’s get started, in the following image you can see the first dashboard with the settings icon that allows you to add widgets, change name and delete the dashboard.

Just click on the settings icon (1) and select “Add widget” (2)

You will see the widget selector that shows if widgets are already used.

Search widget by typing in the sear bar

Now select the widget you want on the left side, then click the “add widget” button. Notice we chose the heartbeat  that displays the 30 last updated or created items in the project.

Organize your columns by drag and dropping them as you like.

Drag and drop widgets in tuleap

You can easily change the column ratios by clicking on the symbol that appears on the upper right of the widgets as shown below.

Change column ratio

A column ratio selector will apear:

Just select the ratio you want and it will be immediately applied to the columns. Notice, beyond three columns the ratio selector will not apply and all columns will be equally spaced.

Deleting a widget

To delete a widget, click on the widget’s settings icon on the top right of the widget itself and click on the “delete” menu that appears.

Delete MEnu

Adding a new dashboard

Since Tuleap 9.9, you can create multiple dashboards in your project workspace or on your personal page. You can create as many dashboards as needed and they will be displayed as tabs on the dashboard page.

Add ddashboard

Then click on the ” Add Dashboard” button, name the dashboard and click on the “Add Dashboard” confirmation button. The new dashboard will be created and you will be ready to add widgets, as explained above.

Adding a Kanban board as a widget

Go to the Kanban you want to add as a widget. You will see the “add to dahsboard” button on the top left. Select the dashboard to wich you want to add it and there you go. The Kanban is added to your dashboard and you can use it as soon as you are loggin in, on your personal page for instance.

Adding graphics from trackers

As you should know Tuleap tracking system enables you to create many graphics: pies, cardwalls, Gantt charts, barrs and Burndown.

To add a graph directly on a dashboard, go into the tracker you want to add graphics, cardwalls or other charts. Go to the report you want to add to the dashboard. If you created a new report make sure you have saved it otherwise you will not be able to add it to the dashboard. Now click on the “add to project dashboard” button and select the dashboard in which you want the widget to appear.

Add widget from trackers

The widget will be added to the dashboard.

New tracker widget created

Clicking on the various widget links will execute the corresponding actions. You can move the widgets as any other, and arrange the dashboard as you need. TIP if the widgets are very long is easier to minimize them before moving.

Delete a dashboard

To do so, click on the settings icon of the dashboard you want to delete and select the “Delete dashboard”  option. Be careful, you will remove an entire dashboard, with all the widgets. In the example below, we are going to delete all the “focus dahsboard” displaying the hearbeat widget and the pie chart.

Delete dashboard

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