Getting your team into high gear. Give them tools they really want.

Choose the tools your and your teammates like. Don't let tools define your project. With Tuleap, you are free to select the tools you and your teammates will use.

Tuleap offers a range of open source tools -or modules-: issue tracking, agile management, source code control, content creation, etc. A great capability of Tuleap is to give full power of customization to project leads. With Tuleap, you can be autonomous in configuring your project area.

Tuleap provides many options to customize your personal workspace as well as the work environnement of your projects. In an other tutorial, we looked at how to customize your personal and projects dashboards. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to activate the modules you need for your project.

Adding and removing tools

To provide your team members with the tools they need for their projet, that’s very easy with Tuleap. Enter your project workspace, go to "admin/service configuration" and enable or disable the modules you want. That’s it!

Important notes

  • to be able to do so, you should be granted as an administrator of your project.
  • Tuleap offers a large panel of modules for a complete software development lifecycle. The modules available depend on those installed on your Tuleap instance by your global platform administration. Contact him/her if you do not find the module you would like.

Arranging tools ranking

Now we’ll see how change the display order, in the menu bar on the left. Stay in "admin/service configuration" and set a rank to each tool. Keep in mind this display ranking will be the same for all the project members. This is not a personal option.

Creating shortcuts in the menu bar

Should you need to create a link in the menu bar to quickly access an external tool to Tuleap or add a shortcut to a specific tool within Tuleap, you can create a shortcut in "Admin/service configuration/create a new servie". Specify the Label to display in the bar and the url. That’s it.


You can go ahead in the configuration of each tools to manage permissions, create templates, etc.- . To do so, enter each tool administration, if you are granted rights-.

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