How Tuleap helps you do a great job

You run software projects. Tuleap is for you. Whether you have to deal with strategic decisions, management or technical challenges, Tuleap helps you do your job easier and even better. That is not just words. To show you that's true, what could be more credible than let people who use Tuleap everyday talk about their job. At TuleapCon 2019, we've given the floor to the ones who work with Tuleap day after day: Pierre as a Project Manager, Marie-Ange as a Developer, Thomas as an IT Ops, Denis as an IT Service Manager. Executives, take a look below as well, you will want to empower your teams with Tuleap.

You are a Project Manager

Your challenge: You need a workspace that really suits your team's workflow and get efficient reporting to monitor project progress.
Tuleap helps you: Workflow, transitions, fine-grained permissions, vocabulary, fields, layout, you get the power to tailor your work area. Charts, synthetic dashboards, ad hoc reports, find the depth of information you need.

Watch Pierre's story.

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You are a Developer

Your challenge : Why not get all the tools you need at hand and do not do manually stuff that could be automated?
Tuleap helps you : Tuleap automates the planning, versioning, review, build, test and release workflow with one single tool.

Watch Marie-Ange's story.

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You are an IT Ops

Your challenge : What do you think about get work organized in a simple way, improve predictability and hunt down bottlenecks.
Tuleap helps you : Tuleap helps manage all your support and continuous delivery activities and better monitor the constant flow of planned and unplanned requests.

Watch Thomas's story.

You are an IT Service manager

Your challenge : You want surely to bring your internal customers reliable tools, easy to maintain and without unlocking further funds.
Tuleap helps you : Tuleap is easy and intuitive for teams, easy for you to maintain and control permissions, and your CEO will love the cost savings and added security. Sounds good?

Watch Denis's story.

You are an Executive?

Your challenge: to be more responsive to changing market needs and increase R&D ROI.
How Tuleap helps you : Tuleap turns your software into a competitive advantage. Our customers did it!

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