Mattermost integrated to Tuleap : Git notifications and Scrum stand-up report

Mattermost is an instant messaging service. This software is useful to increase communication inside a company for all its members. This is why the number of company using instant messaging services is gradually increasing.

To facilitate discussions and effective collaborative work, developers must have all information needed within the same platform. To reach this goal, we are developing a new set of plugins to link Mattermost with Tuleap.

Tuleap Git pushes into your Mattermost

The first connexion between Tuleap and Mattermost we are working on, is to notify some Mattermost channels when a push occurred in a Tuleap Git repository. The message contains a direct link from your Mattermost to the Git commit in Tuleap web interface.

Tuleap Stand-up-reports into your Mattermost

The second feature is the ability to send a Scrum stand-up summary of your current planning. Using the Tuleap Scrum template, the modifications done during the daily stand-up meeting -user stories and bugs updates- are sent in the selected Mattermost channels. This way, that's even more easy to follow your projects progress. You get a direct access to the cardwall and the burndown chart.

How does it work?

Bot setup

As a Tuleap global platform administrator, you can define a set of bots that will be used to notify users. These bots are linked with your Mattermost tool by an incoming webhook url. You can also define the bot name and avatar. Optionally, you can specify all the channels that will be notified when this bot will send a message to Mattermost. If you don't define channels, the notification will be send to the default channel used to generate the incoming webhook url.

Git Notifications

In a Tuleap Git repository, you can choose one or more bots to notify users in Mattermost after someone pushes a commit in this repository.

All channels linked to these bots will receive a message containing:

  • The name of the Tuleap user who pushes the commit
  • The description of the action
  • The name of the git repository with the direct link to the commit in Tuleap web interface
  • The branch where the push occurs

Scrum Stand-up Report Notifications

As done for the Git notifications, you can choose, in your Scrum plannings, which bots will send a stand-up report into Mattermost. You can define the daily stand-up end time. Tuleap will check with its system check event (every 30 minutes) all the reports that need to be sent, according to the stand-up end time.

This message contains:

  • A title with the planning and project name
  • The sprint name
  • The quick access to the sprint cardwall
  • Sprint Informations
  • List of update user stories and bugs:
    • The ID
    • The title
    • The status
    • The last modification date
  • The burndown chart image if available

Coming soon

The Tuleap Community members that want to have a look at this feature can take a look a the following user stories:

  • story #9129 define bots to send notification to Mattermost
  • story #9130 send notification through Mattermost when some Git actions are performed
  • story #9184 choose and configure bots to send stand-up summary

The next step will be to do the packaging in order to make these plugins available for everybody. We think these packages to be available by the end of December 2016

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