Mylyn connector for Tuleap 2.0 is available

Version 2.0 of the Mylyn connector for Tuleap has just been released!

It's available as an update site at as usual (This URL is an update site, don't bother to visit it with your browser, it's just supposed to enable installation in Eclipse).

This version of the connector uses only the REST API, the SOAP API is not used anymore. It's compatible with Tuleap 7.0 or higher. It does not really bring new features but establishes a more solid foundation for evolutions that are currently in progress (see below, version 2.1).

Tuleap Mylyn Connector v2.0 screenshot

Please note that it is not compatible with previous versions of the connector, so you will have to recreate your task repositories and queries within Eclipse. Any feedback is of course welcome, don't hesitate to use the tuleap project, to report bugs or feature requests, and/or the tuleap-devel mailing list.

Other good news: The Mylyn team has accepted to reference this connector in their Discovery UI, which will allow every Eclipse Mylyn user to install the connector in two mouse clicks, without bothering about the update site address or other painful stuff like that. This will be set-up in a few days, so please be patient!

But the best is yet to come: Version 2.1 of the connector will be released at the same time as Tuleap 7.2 (beginning of July), just after the Eclipse Luna release. It will include plenty of new features (and by plenty, I mean, really plenty!) but I won't say more to maintain the suspense ;-)

Stay tuned for more info, and meet us at EclipseCon France in Toulouse! (June 17-19, 2014)

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