As you may have discovered it in Tuleap 15, new navigation bar is on huge development and first new features are already there.

The second visible change available in Tuleap 15.1 will be the display of some trackers below the Trackers service in the navigation bar.

Trackers features will remain the same.

In this article, we will present this second enhancement.

Some trackers are displayed in my project navigation bar

Since many versions, you have had the possibility to promote the trackers of your choice in order to quickly create new artifacts.

Those promoted trackers are displayed while clicking on the “+New” button at the top right:

In Tuleap 15.1, those promoted trackers will automatically be displayed below the Trackers service:

Where will those shortcuts lead?

While clicking on one of those trackers, you will access directly your tracker’s default report.

If you move your mouse over the tracker’s name, a “+” will be displayed. If you click on it, you will be directed to the new artifact creation form.


I don’t want those shortcuts to be displayed or I want to display other trackers

  • You are project administrator:

As project administrator, go to the global trackers administration and remove or update the promoted trackers.

  • You are not project administrator:

The navigation bar content can be only changed by the project administrator. Contact them.


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