June, 6th, 2018. Enalean, the software provider of Tuleap, the 1st Open Source Agile Development tool, is opening today its platform to the world, in particular to Open Source public projects. is not like any other platforms for software development. That’s the fully Open Source platform, providing so many Agile development features dedicated to host OS and Libre projects.

« We are thinking about it for a while but we never jump. When we heard about the acquisition of Github by Microsoft, we knew it was now. Why ? Because we wanted to make developers and their teammates to do a self-assessment and check whether Github is still the best tool for them. What if they review their commitment to Open Source (keep in mind, Github is not). To take a leap forward their software engineering journey? » Manuel Vacelet, CTO of Enalean.

Not only allows to hosts source code (Git and Subversion are supported) and issues, but it comes with Scrum, Kanban, Advanced Tracking Workflow and Test management (to name a few) built-in.

Hosting their projects on, FLOSS teams give another dimension to their work: developing their software with agile approaches while enjoying an open source tool.

Tuleap project itself is self-hosted and dogfooded for years. It’s now time to welcome more people.

Tuleap project has always be driven by agile principles, transparency and FLOSS spirit. In recent times, Tuleap has two editions, the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Both are 100 % Open Source licenced. Not Open Core. is a hosted version of the Tuleap Enterprise Edition, sponsored by Enalean company.

Tuleap tool is already used by small and large software teams in start-ups as well as big organisations: Airbus, CEA, Orange, STMicroelectronics, the VITAM programme of the French Government.

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Manon Midy

Manon has been working in the software engineering world from 2008. She enjoys the challenge to create economic value for a company where innovation and open source are the DNA. She is convinced it’s possible to provide professional services embracing FLOSS values (open-mind, transparency, co-elaboration) with business objectives. She believes the real strength of Enalean comes from the valuable men and women in their teams, as well as the powerful Tuleap techno.