NEW Tuleap Test Management: Test campaigns made easy

Test campaigns are about to get a whole lot easier. With Tuleap’s new integrated test management tool, your QA, dev, and business teams can:

  • Build ready-to-go-live releases
  • Run un-automatable scenarios
  • And, cut testing time by 2

Sound good? If it does, we have some excellent news! The Tuleap Test Management (TTM) plugin covers an additional step of the Application Lifecycle Management process. Now your teams can manage manual and automated testing right from Tuleap.


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  Proud to deliver stellar releases, together

Tuleap and TTM can help your project teams succeed on each and every project, together! Tuleap and TTM cover the entire project scope and can help get all of your teams—QA, dev, and business—on board toward building a product that meets or exceeds your customers’ expectations.

  Make manual testing simpler

No more juggling multiple spreadsheets or diving into the depths of complex software. TTM is easy to use, and makes manual testing simpler than ever before. Your teams can:

  • Coordinate the entire testing process from stories to final releases
  • Replicate test suites for regular releases
  • Create new campaigns quickly and easily
  • Get real-time insights
…all from an attractive, intuitive UI. With TTM, everything your teams need is easy to find and simple to use.

  Shorter test cycles

With TTM, validation becomes a game. It is user-friendly, fun, and collaborative. Project team members are rewarded for their tests, increasing engagement and the number of tests. And more tests equals fewer bugs.

Rewards= Engagement = More tests = Fewer bugs


Main features


Integrated with Tuleap Agile and issue tracking tools

Write test cases and acceptance criteria from the user stories, in the product planning.


Create campaigns and run tests

That's so easy to manage regular test campaigns or create new ones


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You've found an issue. Good job!

Stumble upon something weird? Just log a new bug or link your test to an existing one.


The power of visual imagery

Track test coverage progress with interactive charts. See the percentage of test coverage, a list of pending tests, etc.


Testing as a game

Tuleap Test Management’s gamified environment gives project team members real-time updates and rewards them for their performance. Think carrot, not stick!


Visual traceability map

Tuleap Test Management visually connects the dots. A map shows the dependency tree and traces relationships between requirements, tests, and any other component of the product. It provides requirements traceability and quality assurance, fundamental to ensuring industry compliance.


Full traceability for audit trail compliance

From the first requirements to the final file release, achieve ISO and industry standards, being able to trace any items through the project life


Get started with Tuleap Test Management

Tuleap Test Management is an optional module of Tuleap Enterprise Edition. It is included in myTuleap, the cloud version of Tuleap Enterprise Edition.


Try free on Tuleap Enterprise Edition Buy now in myTuleap

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Comments (2)

  • anon


    The NEW Tuleap Test Management module is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, it is an option for the tuleap Entreprise or mytuleap version.

    Could we add this option in the free version ?

    If we buy a Enreprise license for 2 or 3 users, how many account can be declared on the solution ?

    I'm only interested by the manual testing function. Your new module can be a good point for functional testing in our professional environnement.


    Dec 15, 2017
  • anon

    Hi, Happy to hear the Test Management module should match your needs. If you need a quote, you can ask a request at Thanks.

    Dec 18, 2017

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