by Matteo Mazzeri


No worries, even if you cannot take part live at the User On Boarding workshop, the workshop will be recorded and available online.

The first edition of TuleapCon organized by Enalean last October and held at OrangeLabs, was an important meeting for Tuleap users to meet exchange experiences and talk about Tuleap’s future.

Time goes too fast and since we had a very productive and positive exchange, all attendees were enthusiastic to further the discussions. Therefore we’ve decided to run regular online workshops. We call them “Tuleap Workshop”, participation is open and libre 😉

The idea

Gather one Tuesday per trimester to discuss experiences, Tuleap usage, features and enhancements.


Join and:

  • Share your use cases
  • Say what you think
  • Suggest enhancements
First discussion: “How improving new user onboarding”

This first workshop will focused on How improving new user onboarding on Tuleap. It will be animated by Benjamin, Software Engineer & UI designer at Enalean. His specific area is making a seamless user experience on Tuleap software.

The workshop will be split in two parts:

  1. We share what we ‘ve started to do into Tuleap to welcome a new user: new registration page, Tuleap welcome tour…
  2. You have the floor: give your feedback about real issues you deal with.

It is a live discuss where everyone can talk and ask questions.


Practical Information

Tuesday 19 January 2015 – 9.00 am CET / 2.30 pm IST

Online discussion (more details after registration)


IMPORTANT NOTE: please keep in mind this workshop is not a webinar for new user on how getting started. It is a discussion for improving current process.

Want to join?

Register here

Matteo Mazzeri


Matteo Mazzeri

A tech evangelist, citizen of the world, and open source software ambassador, Matteo is passionate about helping private and public organizations thrive in the digital revolution. His talent lies in understanding the connections between technology and societal development. He facilitates the Tuleap community, especially in Switzerland.

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