Last week, the Tuleap Open Roadmap clients met in Paris to talk about Tuleap roadmap. This is the second Open Roadmap meeting of the year 2019, the previous one was held in Geneva at the occasion of the TuleapCon in March 2019.

To remind you, at Tuleap, we do not decide which features people need alone in our garage. We make choices involving people who are the most affected by them: our customers, and especially the ones who subscribed to the Open Roadmap option.

open roadmap discussions
open roadmap exchanges

Open Innovation speeds up product development significantly

Major companies gathered

Have you ever seen elsewhere such big organisations gathered around a table to shape the future of a software?

Last week, several big organisations and companies were represented: STMicroelectronics, CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), the French Government, Jtekt-Toyota Group and a leader in telecommunications (he prefers to keep the secret of who he is because he thinks it is a competitive advantage to work with us :-).

French government

This is absolutely unique and really valuable for all. This is what happens when companies‘ executives understand the power of Open Innovation. Open Roadmap members understood it would have been more risky and expensive to make their own developments, alone, in-house, with neither long-term maintenance nor native integration. Rather, they prefer to meet other Tuleap users and collaboratively finance new developments. Open Innovation via the Tuleap Open Roadmap, is the most efficient way:

  • to decrease developments & maintenances costs
  • to faster enhancements they actually need
  • to increase internal users satisfaction.

On the agenda

many files

Presentation of the major epics in the Tuleap roadmap


Crowd-funding of features with the agile game « Buy a feature »

ideas generation

Fruitful discussions with sharing of experiences

promised land

Building of the Tuleap roadmap

How clients prioritize features the agile way

To help us build the Tuleap product, we asked our customers to play an agile game called Buy a feature.

The Buy a feature game is a great way of getting people to choose the features they would like to be available for a product. It is very simple to play, but provides incredibly useful feedback. More on the Buy a feature game.

Buy a feature Prioritized list

We made a list of things we’d like to prioritize and set “prices” to each
Tuleap items, meaning an estimated cost depending on their effort and complexity to develop.

Buy a feature Give money

We gave Tuleap customers some money and send them shopping. Players had been given a stack of cash (one color per client) with which to buy features.

Buy a feature Play

No one had enough cash to buy all the features, so people were forced to purchase the items they think are most important.

Buy a feature Bought features

Some features get complete funds to be developed, others do not.
On this basis, we’ve discussed individual choices, trying to understand the needs and use cases deeper. Sometimes, we’ve moved some money to get a feature totally financed.

Examples features submitted for voting

task board
safe roadmap
jenkins integration tuleap

Tuleap Roadmap end 2019-2020

At the end of the day, the Tuleap roadmap was built for the end of 2019 and the beginning 2020. So, for the forthcoming months, the Tuleap Development team will focus on:

  • SAFe enhancements, to scale agile in large organisations
  • Deeper integration with Jenkins with identity management
  • New Taskboard in the Planning and Scrum view (in addition to the already available Kanban boards)
  • Easier new-user on-boarding with ready-to-use project templates
  • Git Pull Request to keep in the loop of code reviews status
  • Multi-factor authentication for increased security

Sounds good right?

Stay tuned and follow the release notes


Sandra Echinard

Sandra is the voice of the customers in the Tuleap team. She is focused on making our customers happy. With her teammates, she offers solutions to every problem, every time with fast response times. She helps software teams use Tuleap the most efficient way, drive IT department with the perfect response to a complex issue. Always interested in seeing and understanding other countries and cultures, Sandra did many trips abroad. Like other Tuleap people, she is keen on sport: swimming pool and Mills classes.