How traceability, from requirements to tests, hits compliance and quality software development

In software lifecycle, traceability refers often to “requirements traceability”. But that’s not all. Being able to trace every items along the development process is a significant factor in assuring quality software development and maintenance. In a recent talk we gave at TuleapCon 2019, we sum up of what is software traceability, how Tuleap enables to reach it and we’ve played the demo of a code auditing. Watch this talk (in French) and continue reading below to learn more.

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Scaled agile with SAFe using Tuleap

SAFe®, for Scaled Agile Framework, is a knowledge base of proven and integrated practices for Lean, Agile and DevOps at enterprise scale. Indeed, as agile teams become mature and grew, they became challenged in monitoring larger programs which combine multiple related projects. The Scaled Agile Framework serves the business imperative of making organizations more agile in responding to digital disruption.

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ALM-PLM integration challenges and opportunities

Nowadays’ complex products increasingly require the integration of hardware and software development processes. This makes ALM-PLM coherence one of the hot topics of industrial companies. Coordinating the processes involved in product development makes necessary the need of Application and Product Lifecycle Management software solutions synergies.

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DevOps is more than CI/CD

The promise behind agile approaches is to provide greater value within shorter time frames. In other words, to increase ROI by delivering the most important things first, those that bring the most value. But the value is only delivered when it is in production, when it is in the hands of actual users. This is why it is important to connect the “development” team with the “deployment” IT team.

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Code review: What 8 years has taught me

As developers we all know that reviewing code is a beneficial and necessary process. Remember: Code review can help make your entire team more efficient, your software more maintainable (and maintenance is 70% of the cost of software), and your job more rewarding! At least in theory! In practice, nobody really wants to review code—a task perceived as tedious and time consuming.

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Offre de Stage en Marketing : Community Manager

Sur ton CV, tu préfères simplement le nom d’une grosse boite ou une vraie mission que tu pourras valoriser ?

Si tu cherches autre chose qu’un stage café, voici un vrai challenge marketing où tes recommandations seront vraiment écoutées.

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