PHP 5.3 will be gone in January 2018

PHP 5.3 is not maintained anymore since 2014. We still have backports from RHEL, but supporting this version of PHP slows us down in our developments.

Therefore PHP 5.3 will not be supported anymore after Tuleap 9.15 (ETA January 3rd 2018).

We plan to switch to PHP 7, but the gap is too much important. PHP 5.6 is a good necessary step (with an eol from PHP project at the end of 2018).

Current status of PHP 5.6 in Tuleap

PHP 5.6 can be used on RHEL/CentOS 6 thanks to SCL + front-end nginx/php-fpm. That way we can gradually deploy some services on PHP 5.6 while the rest of the platform stay on PHP 5.3.

Since more than 1 year our unit tests and rest tests are run both in PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.6 environments. We also have SVN plugin, tracker, agilie dashboard and git that has been validated to work on PHP 5.6. From static analysis point-of-view, thanks to a dedicated CI job, all issues has already been fixed.

For dogfooding, our own platforms run some services in PHP 5.6 (trackers, agile dashboard, git) since 6 months. Installation and configuration is documented.

We know that Mediawiki 1.20 does not work on PHP 5.6. However Tuleap already offers the possibility to migrate projects one by one to Mediawiki 1.23.

We lack feedback for services that we don't use much: TV3, mailman, forums, …


Tuleap 9.12 (due date: Sep 13th, 2017).

  • Validation of Tuleap 9.12: Some services (TV3, forums, news) are validated on PHP 5.6
  • Hackathon: smoke testing of PHP 5.6
  • Switch our platforms to PHP 5.6 only

Tuleap 9.13 (due date: Oct 11th, 2017)

  • Backlog: Mediawiki 1.20->1.23 migration script to migrate the whole platform.
  • Switch full installation and
  • Switch tuleap-aio docker image to PHP 5.6
  • PHP 5.6 SCL dependencies are added to packages

Tuleap 9.15 (due date: Dec 6th, 2017)

  • last release that support 5.3

Tuleap 9.16 (due date: Jan 3th, 2018)

  • No more PHP 5.3
  • Development environments platforms switch to PHP 5.6
  • Remove CI jobs and docker images/tags

Wanna help ?

All tests that can be done in advance (with the documentation and with the development envionments) are welcomed

Join us on Tuleap Chat and raise your hand

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