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May 14 2013

6.567 commits, 2.580 files changed, here is Tuleap 6.0. All the Tuleap team is very happy to share with you the result of one year of co-working with our partners & community members. We would like to thank all of them for our good collaboration.
Agile Project Management, Mylyn plugin, Gerrit integration, Debian compatibility, this new release brings real productivity benefits and quality improvements.
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Agile Project Management tools

The new Agile Dashboard is a powerful working environment where agile teams, beginner or mature, can collect and prioritize needs (backlog creation), manage epics and user stories, plan sprints and releases and monitor daily task progress (cardwall, burndown).

Manage release backlog

Manage backlog and plan sprint

Tuleap agile dashboard and cardwall

Homepage of the Agile Dashboard displaying the current cardwall. Monitor & update tasks with the look-and-feel of physical board

Monitor task progress with Burndown

Monitor task progress with Burndown

How you can use it?

To facilitate the configuration of the agile dashboard, Tuleap 6.0 provides you with an .XML template. It includes the pre-configured trackers required for releases, user stories, epics, tasks. You only have to create your own artifacts, estimate efforts and go ahead !

To import the Agile Dashboard template via the command line, follow the installation guidelines available here.
Documentation also gives you details about how using the agile dashboard and creating one from scratch if you want to better understand how it works.

Integration with Gerrit

In addition to Git and Hudson/Jenkins already compatible with Tuleap, this new release provides the integration with the Gerrit code review tool.

Tuleap makes using Gerrit easy: one-click project creation, automatic data replication and user group synchronisation. While maintaining all the power of Gerrit, Tuleap offers a fast and seamless alternative for setting-up code review on your projects. .

Make online code review with Gerrit

Make online code review with Gerrit

How you can use it?

To create a connection between Gerrit and Tuleap, follow the instructions here .

Plugin Eclipse Mylyn-Tuleap

Thanks to the new Mylyn/Tuleap connector, developers can stay focused on their on-going tasks: from their Eclipse working environment, they can now read, update, create and remove artifacts (tasks, bugs, support requests…) created in the Tuleap tracking system.

Developed in collaboration with our partner Obeo, this plugin aims to be officially distributed by Eclipse.

Monitor task progress with Burndown

Access artifacts from Tuleap trackers inside Eclipse while staying focused on your work

MediaWiki Integration

In addition to the php wiki system already provided in Tuleap, Mediawiki, the system used by Wikipedia, has been integrated to Tuleap.

Mediawiki page in Tuleap

Mediawiki page in Tuleap

How you can use it now?

REQUIREMENT: First, you have to check your Tuleap is installed with php 5.3.

When updating your Tuleap, you have to install and activate the new plugin called “tuleap-plugin-mediawiki”. See instructions to upgrade your Tuleap. If you install Tuleap for the first time, the same process needs to be carried out.
Once installed, it will be available for all your projects. Just as for the other plugins, the project manager will be able to activate mediawiki in the administration workspace.

Debian server compatibility (alpha)

Since the usage of Debian is fast growing and has exceeded CentOS, the Tuleap team has worked with Raphael Hertzog, major contributor of Debian, to offer an installation of Tuleap on Debian 7 server. Making a tool compatible with a new operating system is a big job and requires lots of tests. Tuleap 6. 0 provides a first step towards Debian 7 compatibility. Further developments will have to be made to ensure a stable and seamless solution.

How you can experience it?

To test Tuleap on Debian, follow the guidelines here

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In Details Logs Tuleap 6.0 vs 5.12



  • Installation process now compatible with RHEL 6 as well as RHEL 5 and RHEL 5-php 5.3


  • Story #3075 : import a basic agile dashboard template. We are now able to export, through the CLI, an XML agile dashboard template containing : trackers / cardwalls and agile dashboard's plannings. Still with the CLI, we are able to import this XML into a new project and retrieve all these configurations (you have to be granted site administration rights)
  • Story #3077 : be able to choose between people names and avatars displayed on cardwall
choose between people names and avatars displayed on cardwall


  • There is now a search area where you can make searches and filter cards on cardwall: e.g :"open" to display open cards, "Dylan" to display cards assigned to Dylan.
earch area where you can make searches and filter cards on cardwall


  • In addition to the php wiki system already provided in Tuleap , Mediawiki has been integrated to Tuleap. Mediawiki is interesting as it provides a user friendly interface to create and edit pages. Caution: php 5.3 is required.


  • Story #3076 - Exclude week-end from burndown chart (as an option) (By week-end we mean by default Saturday and Sunday. For burdown fields already created, weed-end are included,as it was before. If you want to exclude them, go to the tracker administration and uncheck the box.
  • In addition to children of an artifact, grand-children are now displayed in a hierarchical view
grand children artifacts view
  • When migrate a tracker structure from tracker v3 to tracker v5, date reminders are now exported/imported.


  • Remove perms on refs/changes/*
  • You can change read permissions when a repository is managed by Gerrit
  • Tuleap User groups can be migrated into Gerrit
  • Story #2967 - Serialize gitolite events.
  • Story #1462: synchronize user ssh keys with gerrit servers
  • Story #2795 - Tuleap binded groups to be replicated on Gerrit.
  • A repository can now be disconnected from Gerrit
grand children artifacts view



  • Fix sla #3147: corrupted cron file
  • Fix bugs #3165: XSS vulnerability with bookmark (Contrib STMicroelectronics)


  • Fix fatal error on reports
  • Fix bug when updating remaining effort
  • Fix bug reported in defect #2858 and request #2162
  • Delete cross reference when an artifact link is removed.
  • Fix sla #2833: With checkbox it is not natural to have a none checkbox to check to indicate we don't want to check anything. So we removed it.
  • Fix request #2932: project cross-reference created with artifact link are displayed in parent artifact
  • Fix sla #2835: Search criteria disappear when used advanced search on a field
  • Fix SOAP getTrackerFields(): do not list registered_users
  • Fix sla #1631: Workflow not applied when there is a default value
  • Fix sla #3149: Tracker template selection not working


  • Modify table name and attribute name from uppercase to lowercase
  • Fix Ugroup deleted and re-created on Gerrit
  • remove inconsistent description in gerrit migration help
  • Make gitolite configuration file compatible with gitolite 2.3.1
  • Update text block
  • Fix sla #2847 and sla #907 Git and jenkins usage
    • Git post push commit now pass token to the URL to build
    • No longer enforce SSL verification of Jenkins server
    • Now use proxy if any defined to communicate with jenkins server
  • Fix git plugin install, create table according to their FK order
  • On user ssh key edition, apply on gerrit and gitolite
  • Fix: Gerrit replication seems to be picky on permission case


  • Fix sla #2121: Problem with mime type detection when uploading a file in docman via webdav


  • Fix sla #3147: Do not update ldap login when project is not using svn/ldap



  • Remove register globals usage on service management and approval admin pages
  • Remove usage of PHP_SELF
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