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Friday May 31, 2013


  • Story #3226: see "svn propset --revprop -r X svn:log" modifications in commit DB

Agile Dashboard

Note: only available in lab mode, still under heavy development

  • Story #2923: Easily do product/release/sprint planning
  • Display a new 'Content' pane with the content of a given milestone

  • Story #3318: be owner of all gerrit groups created for my project

Bug Fixes

  • Fix XSS injection in Forums (contrib STMicroelectronics)

  • Fix request #2722: Date filtering does not work properly
  • Fix sla #3404: Stored XSS Vulnerability in Public Areas widget (Contrib STMicroelectronics)
  • Fix request #3182. Decorators are now correctly removed from database

  • Fix request #2155: Tasks rearranging on the cardwall when clicking on a task

  • Fix bugs #3576: fix js crying on git service homepage
  • Fix bugs #3573: CI: get an error message if no git trigger selected
  • Fix bugs #3244 : Read permission to registered users is not propagated to Gerrit
  • Fixing bug that generates error message and calls wrong code when changing git repository settings

Document Manager
  • Fix XSS issue in docman (Contrib STMicroelectronics)

Mailing List (Forumml)
  • Post new thread with interface in french -follow-up of bugs #1184 and branch #1428-

  • Fix art #3535: Apache authentication fails with Active Directory
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