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Thursday March 6, 2014

Here is Tuleap 6.11. Thanks to our partners for their contributions.


  • Story #6047: Update Rich Text Editor (better compatibility with IE10 and upper). Keep internal CK Editor for IE7

Agile Dashboard
  • Story #6009: Have a beautiful Agile Dashboard homepage (v1)
Tuleap Agile Dashboard homepage
  • Story #5984: See open/closed cards percentage fallback
  • Story #6058: Create new artifacts using modal view staying the agile dashboard, instead of moving to the tracker tool

  • Story #6057 & #5992: Export/Import Attachments and CC fields from TV3 to TV5
  • Story #6083 : See artifact link reverse links. This means displaying the artifacts referencing the one artifact we are working one.
See artifact link reverse links
  • Story #6190 : Retrieve tracker reports -and their matching artifacts- through REST API
  • Story #6237 : Have a more compact "switch list type" interface (Contrib JTEKT)
  • Request #5804 : Add the possibility to remind Assignee/Submitter for tracker date (Contrib STMicroelectronics)

Define my own mediawiki group mapping

  • Story #6074: See meaningful URLs for Git repositories
See meaningful URLs for Git repositories

  • Follow-up of Story #6009: API REST is no longer called directly in presenter for burndown
  • Story #6189: GET project & project users
  • Story #6191: Artifacts POST PUT OPTIONS

  • Follow-up of Story #6128: Download through HTTP the files uploaded into SFTP area

Bug Fixes

All the requests and bugs fixed in this release are available here.


  • REST and phpunit tests can be run in Continuous Integration
  • Clean-up package building -remove old documentation-
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