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Wednesday June 26, 2013

Here is Tuleap 6.2. A big thanks to the contributors.
We take the opportunity of this release to invite you to join the new Tuleap Community on Linkedin. Feel free to invite your Tuleap friends and start new discussions: share experience and news, get feedback. See you there.


  • Story #3632: introduce project hierarchy definition. For the moment, this is used only with Gerrit to inherit projects hierachy. To set up a hierachy between projects, go to the administration tab of a project, and to the project info area.
set up a hierachy between projects   set up a hierachy between projects-2
  • Begin to work on a tool to dump a forum of a project

Agile Dashboard

  • Request #1919: dynamically load milestones of a planning. When a project has many teams, the default number (5) of displayed sprints is not sufficient. Let the user click on [more] link in order to display additional milestones.
  • Story #3539: initiate product backlog. Added two new panes for the top backlog. This lab feature enables to manage the sandbox of unplanned artifacts.
  • Story #3814: edit cards in overlay on cardwall. In the agile dashboard, it is now possible to edit a card to update an artifact without leaving the cardwall.

  • Story #3633 & Story #3634: Gerrit projects inherits Tuleap parents information. : my parent projects are migrated when I migrate a repository

  • Request #4083: Bar charts groupby misbehavior (again) (Contrib JTekt)
  • Story #3544: my parent projects are migrated when I migrate a repository

  • Story #3541 & request #3450: have statistics about the usage of various services by project. The administrator of the forge can now have statistics in CVS format about the usge of the following services: project details, source control usage, delivery manager, php wiki, mediawiki, active mailing lists & forums, continuous integration, legacy tracker v3. Additional statistics will be available in next releases. To get such statistics, go to site admin>plugins>statistics>service usage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix XSS injection in Forums, Wiki, Search, People resume (contrib STMicroelectronics)
  • Attempt to fix bug when invalidating combined js cache
  • Fix notice error on service management page
  • Fix sla #4006: autodetection of redhat releases

Agile dashboard
  • Fix overflow which prevent dropdowns to display when no content

  • Fix request #3276: Remove garbage output when downloading files from git
  • Fix sla #4002: System event no more kept 'Running' when repo is deleted
  • Fix sla #4002: it was not possible anymore to browse gitshell repositories
  • Fix scheme issue in account maintenance page that's was preventing to open Gerrit links
  • Fix request #1561: Error with link to git commit from a artifact

  • Remove htmlentities from csv output-branch #2747: (Contrib STMicroelectronics)
  • Fix sla #3835: remove additional whitespace when using Rich Text field
  • Fix bug #3582: getTrackerStructure permissions. Do not crash when artifact has no last changeset. SOAP method getTrackerStructure returns fields visible by user instead of requiring admin permission.

  • Fix sla #4036: unable to use the global search with mediawiki
  • Fix request #3450: Mediawiki does not work with project that have dash in name
  • Fix bug #3637: Can't create mediawiki pages for some projects

  • Update user creation after change in core (ensure user consistency)
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