Thursday July 25, 2013

Here is Tuleap 6.3. It officially introduces a all new UI for the Agile Dashboard. As always, any feedback are welcome! And let's not forget to thank all the contributors!


  • Story #3822: Project admin can configure the generic user from ui (change password & email)
  • Story #3823: Siteadmin can configure the generic user suffix from ui
  • Debian compatibility: support of subversion, git. Install fix IM plugin and forgeupgrade.

Agile Dashboard

In order to solve some performance issues and improve the user experience of the agile dashboard, we worked at providing a new and more friendly UI.

You will notice after updating your Tuleap to 6.3 that the previous tabs are not display anymore. The content has been automatically shifted to the « top backlog planning » (see screenshots below).

For the lab mode users, you perhaps already go throught the new UI. For those who did not yet experience it, you can enjoy it now as it is not a lab feature anymore. Here is the new agile dashboard UI:

Tuleap agile dashboard

Homepage of the Agile Dashboard and its quick accesses.

Tuleap agile dashboard

Top Backlog content

Tuleap agile dashboard

Release content

Tuleap agile dashboard

Release planning - plan several releases on one page

Tuleap agile dashboard and cardwall

  • Make tuleap plugin compatible with debian
  • Story #3635: When someone sets a new parent in project hierarchy, this is propagated to Gerrit


  • story #2376: have a per tracker numerotation of the artifacts (Contrib JTEKT)
  • Remove default cross tracker search to avoid bad user experience, that is to say a very long page load and an impact on other users due to an impressive query.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix request #4552: Project one step creation uses sys_is_project_public (project are no longer private by default)
  • request #4112: Python exception pass (Contrib Raphaël Enrici)
  • Fix libnss-mysql install (set a default host and distinguish case where an empty hostname was used to detect if we need to bootstrap the db (local deployments).
  • request #4553: Mime type not recognized in Docman
  • story #4208: SOAP "loginAs" method creates user account before to inpersonate people

  • Do not display a cardwall on Agile Dashboard front page when there is nothing to show
  • request #4554: Allowing the none option on a simple select for assigned to on cardwall

  • Reverting mime type fix for webdav to previous code :-( which led to the regressions request #4553. In essence, this revert should make mime type detection work for all but ppt and xls files in webdav. The latter will be treated as .doc files.

  • Only inversing url arguments when request is from Jenkins. This solution to request #4557 would require all those with Jenkins jobs connected to a Tuleap git repo to put ?jenkins=true in the url of their 'gitweb' Repository browser in order to get the correct diffs.

  • request #4555: SOAP: when creating a new artifact default values are set
  • request #4556: Cross Reference to a release is not removed from an Epic when moved from a plan back to Product Backlog

  • Add new theme for experimental wireframing
  • Integrate debian packaging (Contrib Raphaël Hertzog)
  • Add tool to ease uid/gid change for lxc containers with binded mount
  • Remove register_globals on site admin and project admin
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