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Thursday August 22, 2013


  • Story #4534 We made a new awesome feature in the workflow. You can now set up triggers between one parent tracker and its children. To do so, go to the admin of the parent tracker, to the workflow and then, click on the new tab "trigger". Here you can set up the conditions so that the changes occur.
set up trigger between one parent tracker and its children
  • Story #4523: Remove 'nobody' from permission list. So we can not lock ourselves outside an artifact.

  • New SOAP methods to fetch and update the description fields of a project:
    • getProjectDescriptionFieldsValue() : get all the description fields value for a given project
    • getPlateformProjectDescriptionFields(): get all the description fields
  • New SVN SOAP methods:
    • getSvnPathsWithLogDetails() : returns the detailed content of a directory in Subversion according to user permissions

  • We've updated the help to refer to the new documentation based on Sphinx.

  • Story #3636: disable permission setting when I migrate a repository

  • Story #4592: Add project description fields in the service usage stats

Instant Messaging
  • Openfire database can be on a specific port

  • Enhancements to the "Experimental" theme on displaying icons

Bug Fixes

  • Fix request #4830: fix bug that might affect php53 deployment when downloading big files (200MB or more). Requires to install RPM php53-pear-HTTP-Download too. It will be added as a dependency in future.
  • Database server can be on a non standard port
  • Fix the issue of custom fields not displayed in the project admin area

  • request #4828: Git references are now correctly imported from template
  • request #4599: Git_Command_Exception during a git push command with branch names containing special characters
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