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Friday September 20, 2013

We take the opportunity of this release note to share with you good news.
InfoWorld, a leading website for IT managers in the US, awarded Tuleap with a BOSSIE Award: the best Open Source application development tools, alongside leader market tools as Boostrap, Jenkins, Django, Python or Angular JS.
Thanks to all Tuleap users & contributors and don't hesitate to add comments about Tuleap at the end of the InfoWorld page.

Tuleap wins the InfoWorld Bossie Award


  • We improve the internal API. This speed boosts of about 5% on most of the pages.
  • For tracker v3, file attachments persist now on file system rather than in database. We stop cluttering the database with blob of datas.

Delivery Manager (FRS)
  • Story #3825: Have a "Comment/Description" field on the file in addition that the one of the release
Have a comment field on the file

  • Tuleap has now the capability to provide statistics on the tracking system v5. To do so, you have to be adminsitrator of the forge. Then, go to the admin tab/plugins/statistics/service usage and generate the CVS. The file will give statistics on tracker v5 tool as it does for the other tools.

  • You can now configure the fields you want to display on the cards. To make your customization, go to the admin tab of a tracker/ semantic/ card field, then add the fields you want to display.
Configure the fields to display on the cards

Fields displayed on the cards

On the way to provide a better management of project deletion on Gerrit, we implemented the following stories:
  • Story #3826: Ability to delete a gerrit project on disconnect
Delete a gerrit project on disconnect
  • Story #3826: Add an option indicating that Gerrit server is configured with SSL

Bug Fixes

  • Fix request #5032: PHP code in tracker date reminder email for PHP 5.3 platforms
  • Fix request #4962: fix date display when date is in future

Agile Dashboard


  • We forbid anonymous users to add and/or update artifacts

  • Fix request #5031: Fatal error when adding a group in an umbrella parent project

  • Fix request #4895: SVN file content not displayed, hence converting buffer file data to utf-8 before inserting cross-references

Document Manager
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