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Friday October 18, 2013

This is a great release. You'll see many enhancements and bug fixing. A big thank to all developers.


  • Improvement of login interface. Adding support for multiple type of login sources (tuleap/openID). To do so, you have to go in the account maintenance of your personal page and activate Open ID.
Login with Open ID
  • Story #5162: send an email when a news is published
  • Story #5181: a project member can send an email to all project members
Sent an email to all project members
  • Story #5224: introduce building blocks of a Tuleap REST API. Note to Tuleap Administrators: We changed an apache configuration; instead of restricting /api, we now restrict /api/reference. Please adjust your /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf accordingly. For more details: http://gerrit.tuleap.net/1062

Agile Dashboard
  • We made several user interface and design improvements on the agile dashboard and the cardwall: cardwall header cells line color are now well displayed on small screen resolution, we made a better styling of content view, etc.
User interface and design improvements on the agile dashboard
  • Story #5166: Allow several type of backlog items. For instance, you can now manage both stories and bugs on your cardwall.
several type of backlog items
  • We made development to restricte planning configuration to what agile dashboard can manage. Now, you should have alert messages informing you how configuring your agile dashboard correctly.
  • Follow-up to request #4965: Caption on button in release content misleading

  • Story #5168: manipulate solo elements on cardwall. For instance, you can now drag and drop any cards on the carwdall to update its status even if it has no children.
manipulate solo elements on cardwall
  • Cardwall admin is now displayed in agile dashboard rather than in the tracker admin. All columns must be explicitely defined by the administrator. They are no longer based on the semantic. You can also choose the color displyed as header lines of the cardwall.
Cardwall admin in agile dashboard
  • XML import/export: freestyle columns are taken into account

  • Story #4994: Can now filter in a report the task in a given milestone
Search in milestones
  • We moved cardwall configuration out of tracker admin; it is now in the agile dashboard itself
  • Story #4991: Inform user of concurrent edition when submitting artifact update on Tracker
concurrent edition

  • Story #4722: remigrate a previously deleted gerrit repo
  • Story #5034: automated gitolite housekeeping
  • Preventing repo deletion while repo is migrated to Gerrit


  • Request #4923: per project site wide statistics: Include statistics on project web page disk usage and agile dashboard activation.

Bug Fixes

Agile dashboard

  • Fix request #5266: User Story are not display once you filter on the cardwall


  • Fix performance issue with computed fields
  • Fix request #5377: X-refs for trackers have wrong urls
  • Fix the issue on tracker XML import/export
  • Fix request #5416: Be able to remove tracker admin access right
  • Fix request #5223: Fatal error on getArtifactsFromReport()
  • Fix request #5184: Partial update of artifact via SOAP no longer working
  • Fix request #5050: Performance issue when report uses cross-references field

Graphics on trackers
  • Fix SQL bug when duplicating a cumulative flow chart

Instant Messaging
  • Fix fatal error on project creation

  • Fix request #5326: Cloning a project without Mediawiki service enabled does not create the Mediawiki database
  • Fix request #5279: Error on mediawiki search Now, the Mediawiki option on the top search bar is only available if the user is in a projet which has activated the Mediawiki service
  • Fix request #5185:Wrong color for links in mediawiki pages

  • Fix fatal error when user is not LDAP but do browse a gerrit git repo
  • Modifying the login form presented by LDAP plugin

Open ID
  • Fix openid.css licensing


  • Tracker: add getArtifactHistory() SOAP method

  • We added an icon to scroll to the first selected test
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