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Friday November 15, 2013


UI interface
We made in-depth technical developments to get ready the interface overhaul:
  • Story #5280: Integrate Bootstrap to continue interface overhaul
  • Story #5281: Switch css stylesheets to less format
  • Story #5283: Use recess instead of phpless and use boostrap*.less
  • Removed CodeX and CodeXTab themes

  • We start working on the REST API. To have a look at the available routes, please first login on tuleap.net and go to https://tuleap.net/api/explorer/. See also story #5442: Agile Dashboard REST planning routes. Please note this is still a beta feature.

  • Story #5346: Have a read-only view of artifacts. This is useful if you don’t need to make modifications in the artifacts but only read it or modify comments.
Have a read-only view of artifacts
  • Story #5210: Use a rich text editor in text area fields. As it is already available in the comments, there is now a rich editor in text area fields to allow you to choose the layout of your text and add images.
rich text editor in text area fields

Bug Fixes


Open ID

  • Fix request #5987: Show correct list of Milestone in the report filter
  • Fix request #5424: Cross Tracker Search gives a blank page
  • Fix inaccurate selectbox value on artifact submission when user can't submit

Agile Dashboard
  • Fix request #5478: The cardwall of releases displays a message related to a Sprint which should not be displayed
  • Fix request #5432: The rank order in the Sprint Content view is not reflected on the cardwall
  • Fix request #5447: Fatal error in error logs but no visual effect


Document Manager
  • Fix request #5556: Incorrect icons for MS Office documents with macros


  • Add framework for REST API test automation (see tests/rest)
  • Now stylesheets are written in [LESS]format http://lesscss.org/ . To update your development environment, go to this document.
  • Autoload all core
  • REST automated tests
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