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Thursday December 12, 2013

We take the opportunity of the latest release notes of the year 2013, to wish you season's greetings.


We kept up our work on the REST API and its documentation :
  • Epic #5589: complete Planning REST API. The REST API explorer is still here.
  • Story #5577: have CORS headers in REST responses

We carried on our work on the Tuleap compatibility with CentOS 6:
  • Fix request #3467: [CentOS 6] error setting SELinux context in setup.sh
  • Fix request #3468: [CentOS 6] SELinux forbids apache to send emails
  • Fix request #3262: JP Graph font configuration fails on Centos6

  • A new type of permission "have access to artifacts they submitted" has been created for user groups, in the tracker permissions. This can be useful to share helpdesk tracker with several clients. It avoids to create one group per client to achieve this behaviour. Story #5331: user sees only artifacts he has submitted in a tracker
New type of tracker permission:have access to artifacts they submitted


Bug Fixes

  • Fix request #5641: Experimental theme show more projects than mine in "Projects" menu
  • Fix request #5604: ViewVC download is broken when binary file content starts 0x00

  • Fix request #5533: Bug not displayed in a report filtered by milestone
  • Fix request #5558: Links not extracted in read-only view
  • Fix request #5697: Notification about artifact modification is sent to user only if necessary. It means that if no comment, the user must have read access on at least one updated field
  • Fix request #6185: Users cannot edit couple of artifacts after the 6.7 upgrade
  • Fix request #5700: Text fields are cleared when condition is unmet
  • Fix request #5698: Remove "None" from recipients in order to avoid the message : "The mail was not accepted for the delivery" at artifact update.
  • Fix request #5699: Cannot delete artifacts created in Tuleap 6.7
  • Fix request #5554: Cannot select CSV preference in use preferences page
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