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Thursday January 9, 2014

First of all Enalean development team would like to thank the Tuleap community members for their contributions in 2013 and wishes you all the Best for 2014!


  • Story #5714. You can now display the carwall in fullscreen for stand-up view by clicking on the "full screen" button at the top right of the cardwall.
fullscreen cardwall stand up view

  • Fix story #5674 . In an artifact, you can now choose to display changes or not in the follow-up comments, most of time at the bottom of the form.
The new fullscreen cardwall stand up view
  • Fix story #5514 . For a select or multi-select box, you ca now order the various values just with drag'n drop. Tracker>Administration>Field usage
Order values in a select box field simply with drag'n drop

Bug Fixes

  • Fix request #5808: Package id in file download link is now correctly updated
  • Fix request #4305: Warnings when a plugin is installed
  • Fix request #5805: SVN_UPDATE_HOOKS returns more relevant information if symlink cannot be done
  • Fix request #5551: Wrong message when adding a file in a release(IE9)
  • Fix request #5826: Cannot login with Chrome or IE when domain name is an IP address

  • Fix request #5736: on follow-up comment pencil click, I am redirected to top of the page
  • Fix request #5816: textarea fixed size lost with 6.7 release
  • Fix request #5812: HTML interpreted in My Artifacts widget
  • Fix request #5758: Fatal error when trying to update an artifact
  • Fix request #5888: Fix for cannot submit artifact when in HTML edit mode with 'Required' flag set
  • Fix request #5855: Fix PHP notice when editing artifact
  • Fix request #5757: On Firefox, Text Field and comment select box format does not display the right default format


SOAP core 6.4.1
  • Fix request #5779: Fatal error when using getSvnStatsFiles SOAP method

  • Fix request #5751: PUT /milestones/123/content does not remove anymore links from other trackers than content trackers.
  • Fix request #5807: Long name is always displayed in Agile Dashboard planning pane
  • Fix type cast in all resources:
    • Add GET /milestones/:id/cardwall
    • Add OPTIONS /milestones/:id/cardwall
  • Story #5649:OPTIONS|PUT /cards/:id
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