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Monday May 5, 2014

As each year, after several months and many sprints, we enjoy celebrate our co-elaboration & hard work on Tuleap. All the Enalean team is happy to share with you Tuleap 7.0. As you should know and notice, the user interface has greatly changed to be more user friendly & beautiful. Tuleap is more than ever, an awesome 100% Libre software with a gorgeous interface. Enjoy it and a big thanks to the contributors and sponsors!


  • The Experimental theme is now called FlamingParrot (which is a Tulip specy). For new instances and new users, it will be the default theme. For older installation, you will have to install the package and modify your local.inc.


During these 2 sprints we focused on tracker UI on both design and ergonomics. Technologies used led to the end of IE7 support.

  • A more useful Artifact view : Story #6409, Story #6410, Story #6342, Story #6411
    • With a unique artifact view to read and edit
    • Possibility to always collapse some fieldset
    • Display the tracker color the artifact belongs to
tuleap artifact view.png

Artifact view

tuleap artifact attachments

New Attachment field

tuleap artifact follow-ups

Follow-ups of the artifacts

tuleap beautiful list trackers

Color in front of each tracker

tuleap tracker color admin

How to add a color to each tracker

  • More useful table reports and more modern & dynamic graphs (pies & bars) made with D3.js javascript library (not compatible with IE7 and IE8): Story #6439, Story #6669, Story #6670
tuleap beautiful chart

New pie chart report

tuleap tracker report

New table report

We also start working on another way to display references on an artifact view:

  • Introduce the "References" sidebar on the right (collapsed by default): Story #6439, Story #6307. For the moment, it only displays the content of artifact link field but this feature will be completed soon. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!
tuleap artifacts cross references

  • Define a text field default value in a text area: Story #6053

  • Beautiful register and change password page: Story #6455

Bug Fixes

All the requests and bugs fixed in this release are available here

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