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Wednesday May 28, 2014


  • Story #6048: retrieve an old SVNAccessFile. The SVN access control history is now kept. Each time a modification is done on the file (via the web interface), a new version is saved. This allows administrators to retrieve a previous version and to use it if needed.
Retrieve an old SVNAccessFile

  • Request #6841: replace the combox by multiselect box in the System events monitor screen (contrib STMicroelectronics). When you want to select multiple system events, you can now easily select all system event types thanks to a multiselect box.
Replace the combox by multiselect box in the System events monitor screen

  • Story #6341:see maintenance & preferences pages into a single page
New account page

  • Story #6854:copy artifact: direct simple copy. At the copy, you can edit the artifact and make modifications if necessary (excl. attachements). NB: artifact links and open list are not copied for the moment.
Copy an artifact
Import tv3 -> tv5 data in web UI
  • Story #6131: have a radio button field(contrib Jtekt)
radio button field
  • Story #6772: be able to check user in checkbox by clicking on the name (contrib Jtekt)

  • Story #6140: give access admin rights to some users to all mediawiki. To do so, go to admin>permissions delegation>add a permission >tick “Global Mediawiki Administrator”
Global Mediawiki Administration

  • Story #6771: have backlog and milestone types in /v1/milestones/{id}

Bug Fixes

All the requests and bugs fixed in this release are available here

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