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Thursday February 5th, 2015


  • Story #6855: on artifact copy, recursive copy of children


  • Story #7740: allow git HTTP anonymous access
  • Story #7697: dedicated queue for grokmirror manifest updates
  • Story #7723: Make project backup path customizable. Contribution STMicroelectronics

Site administration
  • Request #7710: Sort content of the userlist table after a header click. Contribution from STMicroelectronics

  • Request #7716: REST route to update user details (name, status, ...). Contribution from STMicroelectronics

Full text search (LabMode)

Agile Dashboard
  • Story #7737: Finish Kanban foundations (LabMode)
  • Story #7169: Create new elements in backlog (Planning v2, LabMode)

Bug Fixes

Almost 40 requests and bugs fixed in this release. Check out the detail in release artifact

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