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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here is Tuleap 7.3. Take the opportunity of summer slowdown to upgrade your Tuleap, fine-tuned it with the latest features of Tuleap 7.x and try out labs features. As usual, we are looking forward to hearing from you to get your feedback! Enjoy and have fun & sun during holidays!


Flaming Parrot Theme
  • Story #6003: be able to change the FlamingParrot theme color. Users can now change colors of the FlamingParot theme in their “account/preferences”. In addition, site administrator can restrict allowed colors, then users have to choose between the authorized ones.
Change FlamingParot theme colors in Tuleap

Full Text Search

Story #7030, Story #7028, Story #7137
  • Now, new or updated embedded documents and uploaded files in the document manager are indexed. To make searches, you need an installed elasticsearch server -follow the instuctions of Tuleap deployment guide-. Then, activate "lab feature" in your user preferences and enjoy finding documents very easily!

  • If some projects already have documents in the document manager and you would like them to be indexed, the administrator of your Tuleap can do that in the Full Text Search plugin administration.

This is a beta feature, so please, we need your feedback.

Full text search in Tuleap with ElasticSearch

Full text search in Tuleap with ElasticSearch

Welcome Tour
  • Story #7200: Tuleap Welcome Tour. In order to improve the onboarding user experience the first time a user connects to Tuleap, a welcome message is now displayd and provides a basic tour to discover the main features (access to projects, edit preferences, …).
    Unless the user hit escape or click on the [End] button on the tour, the popover will be displayed again the next time the user hits.
    Basic stats in database are registered about usage for future improvements: which step is shown and at which step the tour is ended.

Tuleap Welcome Tour

Tuleap Welcome Tour

  • Story #7184: Have mediawiki extensions. Three extensions have been integrated into this release 7.3:
    • PdfBook :enable to compose a book from articles in a category and exports as a PDF file.
    • SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi: it allows to display formatted source code with the tag
    • ParserFunctions : it enhances the wikitext parser with helpful functions, mostly related to logic and string-handling.

    We tried activated also MultiLanguageManage and WikiEditor extensions but there are are no longer supported with the new version of MediaWiki implemented in Tuleap.

    All these extensions integrated into the Tuleap MediaWiki do not require new installations. Just, update the MediaWiki package into Tuleap, and you'll get them at once.

Bug Fixes

All the requests and bugs fixed in this release are available here. Tab "requests"

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