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Thursday December 11, 2014

Here is the last release of the year 2014, enjoy it! The Tuleap Community wishes you a Happy Christmas & Holidays!


Agile Dashboard
  • Continue working on a new planning view (still under huge development and available in lab mode): Story #7511: Drag'nDrop backlog items
Agile Dashboard: new planning view

  • Start working on Kanban by building the foundations of this brand new Agile Dashboard feature (still under huge development and available in lab mode):

  • Story #7571: be able to select "Top backlog" as "in milestone" filter

  • Story #7524: Threshold for ldap daily synchronization (Contrib STMicroelectronics)

  • Story #7636: Include Docman and Tracker plugins in frequencies graph
  • Story #7629: Mediawiki is taken in account in project disk usage

  • Story #7590: Allow SVN immutable tags (Contrib STMicroelectronics)

Full Text Search
  • Story #7393: Full Text search on trackers: Reindex on tracker events
  • Story #7395: Full Text search on trackers: index all text fields
  • Note: Full Text Search feature is still in lab mode

  • Story #7598: Add git actions in project history
  • Story #7599: Dedicated queue for Git system events
  • We've finished working on Git mirroring with grokmirror in Tuleap.

Bug Fixes

All the requests and bugs fixed in this release are available here

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