Release note 8.0

Thursday April 02, 2015

This is the first release of 8.0 serie.
During the 7.X cycle Tuleap development team and partners bring a lot of new features (Git mirroring, Full text search in docman, wiki and trackers, Eclipse Agile Dashboard). Few stats:
  • 12 releases
  • 338 requests/questions/bugs closed in request tracker
  • 128 user stories told
  • 3339 files changed, 113349 insertions(+), 126240 deletions(-)
  • 766 gerrit changeset
  • 2837 patchsets (that is to say 10 code reviews per day, 1 per hour every single day !)
  • 20 contributors: Ahmed Hosni, Anthony Gauchy, Benjamin Dauton, Hanen BEN ELARBI, Med Rafik BEN MANSOUR, Dylan Bowden, Hugo Kelfani, Manuel Vacelet, Manon Midy, Martin Goyot, Mohamed Amine Doghri, Nicolas Terray, Nouha Terzi, Raphaël Hertzog, Sandra Echinard, Savinien Richter, Thomas Cottier, Thomas Gerbet, Yannis Rossetto, Yoann Celton
Huge thanks to all their awesomness !

In the incoming months we will focus on several big projects:
  • Continue Kanban support with creation/update of elements, real time
  • Finalize Planning v2 and make Scrum cardwall on par with Kanban
  • Focus on Git performances and mirroring
  • ... and much more, stay tuned!


User on-boarding



Site Administration

  • Request #7714: Add status search criteria in siteadmin userlist interface (contribution from STMicroelectronics).




24 bugs have been fixed for this release.
All the requests and bugs fixed in this release are available here.

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