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Launch new projects faster. Discover the Tuleap new templates to get a ready-to-use project workspace in three clicks.

The project creation UI has been completely renewed/refurbished with only two steps to create your project. The new Tuleap templates have been designed to jump start easier. Now, you just have to choose the most appropriate template for you, fill the name and visibility of your project and you get a ready-to-use project workspace with pre-configured tools and charts.

Here are more details about the proposed templates to help you choose the better for your usage. Keep in mind, these are juts project canevas. In all cases, you will be able to adapt the configuration of one or several tools.

The project template page is made of 3 parts :

  • Your company templates: are displayed here the ad-hoc project templates of your organisation. It can be specific templates to be in compliance with your industry standards, or home-made corporate processes. Solely the global administrator of your Tuleap platform is able to set these. See documentation to create your own company templates.
  • Tuleap templates: here are ready-to-use templates provided by Tuleap to help you start your project.
  • For advanced users: here are project templates that have been tailored by project administrators on the basis of another templates. You need to be project administrator of that project to be able to re-use it.

Tuleap is providing 4 ready-to-use project templates  :

  • Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) (Tuleap Enterprise Edition)
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Issue tracking

What is a project in Tuleap ?

In Tuleap, a project is a workspace shared by all project teammates. It’s a centralized place where everyone get together to collaborate, share project progress and on-going activities. It like the home of project, with people and tools. Each project team get its own specificities, so each project workspace can be tailored to suit it perfectly. One project workspace can be very simple with only one tool, another can be more more advanced and provide several tools.

Tuleap Agile ALM template : the most complete workspace to build quality products

The Tuleap Agile ALM template (Application Lifecycle management) is the most complete project workspace to plan, build and ship quality products. It includes the additional modules Tuleap Test Management, Time Tracking and Cross tracker Search.

For who ?

Mainly for software teams who want an all-in-one environment with agile management and software development tools. This project can gather together product owners, project leaders, developers, testers, businesses and support teams.

Included pre-configured tools

Four Project Dashboards with various view

  • Project dashboard : the overview and the progress of the project, globally
  • Product Owner dashboard : a view with the forthcoming releases and content
  • Developers dashboard : the technical view of the project
  • Quality Assurance (QA) dashboard : everything to check validation steps

A complete Scrum work area (see Scrum part below)

Integrated Git and Pull request tools

for code source management and code review

A ready-to-use Test Management tool

to run functional and automated tests

A Document Manager

to create and share content collaboratively

A Delivery Manager

to share files and releases

The most efficient way to reach end-to-end traceability

As you should know, achieving complete traceability all along the project, from the first ideas to the final deliveries, is a key factor to build quality products. This complete project workspace makes easy for team leaders and teammates to reach A to Z traceability. Everything is set to ensure links between project items and project stakeholders is done.

All the things you can do

With the Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) project template, you can :

  • Collect customer requests and create a prioritised backlog
  • Plan release and sprints according to your team capacity
  • Monitor milestones progress at a glance with burnup, burndown and velocity charts
  • Track spent time without burdening team members to fill in an extra sheet elsewhere
  • Run searches across several tracker
  • Get an integrated devops chain, including Tuleap Test Management tool
  • Collaborate on documents and content
  • Share files and deliveries

Note: the Agile ALM template is provided in Tuleap Enterprise Edition, on premises or in the cloud.

Tuleap Scrum Template: a collaborative, iterative and user-focused area

Agility usually promotes low-tech, manual methods for tracking the work: post-it notes, cards, whiteboards, charts drawn by hand, etc. But for many reasons, at some point an online workspace is needed. Tuleap provides specific tools so that agile teams will find familiar territory. To enable Scrum teams to get started quickly, Tuleap offers a ready-to-use Scrum template.

For who?

For software teams and non-software development teams alike who wants to apply Scrum approaches.
This project workspace is particularly adapted for teams who put focus on setting a goal for a given period of a short time ( 2 – 4 weeks) and working daily towards achieving it.

Common use cases

The main advantage of the Tuleap Scrum template is having delivery due dates upon which everyone has agreed. It makes Scrum implementation seamless for the users, including customizable Scrum boards, custom filters for backlog management, and a number of visual project reports.

  • Scrum Software Development
  • Backlog management
  • Release and Task management
  • Agile reporting & analytics

Included pre-configured tools

The Scrum project template provided by Tuleap includes the following tools. Note that you will be able to adapt this template to your own Scrum sauce. If you decide to add a new field or a value one year later, it will be possible.

Several dashboards with various views of the project

Scrum Backlog and Planning

The by-default configuration of the Scrum tool is made as follow :

  • Releases and Sprints : meaning you can plan releases, and in each release, you plan your sprints,
  • Epics, User Stories and Tasks : a pre-configured hierarchy : you plan tasks in user stories, that belong to an epic,
  • Bugs : a bug tracker in order to plan fixes in your sprints and releases.

You can add user stories and bugs within your releases, and dispatch them into the sprints, depending on the capacity defined for your releases and your sprints.

Cardwall – Taskboard

To follow your team work and remote collaboration in real-time, the Tuleap Scrum template provides a configured taskboard (Tuleap Enterprise Edition) or a cardwall (Tuleap Community Edition), usually used during stand-up meetings.

Agile Charts

The Tuleap Scrum template comes with 3 agile charts:

  • Burndown
  • Burnup
  • Velocity chart (Tuleap Enterprise Edition)

Tuleap Kanban Template: for just in time delivery

Streamline your workflow and focus on what’s hot with an easy-to-use board.

For who?

This template is particularly appropriate for teams starting up with agile approaches. It is easy to use and can evolve later on, to become fine-tuned.

The Tuleap Kanban template is optimized for “just in time delivery”. It facilitates items working steadily through the process stages at a set pace. This template is very efficient to help deal with a flow of tasks, such as :

  • A support team who has to deal with requests and fix bugs
  • A production line who has to follow orders
  • Any service who needs to handle tasks

Common use cases

The Tuleap Kanban template is limitless as it makes easy for teammates to optimize their task flows:

  • handle different types of work in one board, focus on flow management and completing tasks
  • visualize the workflow
  • capture and measure all various types of work

Read this article for Kanban principles and other use cases

Included pre-configured tools

Kanban Board

The Tuleap Kanban template provides a Kanban board

The Kanban has multiple columns, which correspond to the status of the manipulated items. Here, items are representing activities with 4 status values:

  • To Be Done
  • On Going
  • Review
  • Done

Cumulative flow chart

The Tuleap Kanban tool provides a cumulative flow charts that show how stable is the items flow.

Tuleap Issue Tracking Template: the Must-Have tools for software teams

For who?

The Must-Have workspace for software teams! Simple and efficient to track all type of activities and manage source code in one single integrated environment.

Common use cases

The issue tracking template is conceived for a development team.

  • Task and Ticket tracking
  • Source Code Management
  • Code Review
  • Reporting

Included pre-configured tools

This Tuleap template provides the essential tools to organize a software development project:

One dashboard to get the project status at a glance

A Git tool to create all repositories you need including Pull Request

One issue tracker

This is a issue tracker to track any type of artifacts: tasks, requests, problems, stories.

Simplified Issue submission form

This tracker is set with a workflow including :

  • configured states with hidden values (at “New” state, some fieldsets will be automatically hidden, no need of having “Status” or “Links” displayed)
  • madatory values at a particular state (at “Ongoing” state, “assigned to”, “priority”, “status” will be mandatory while they will not in “New” state)
  • values automatically set (at “Done” state, “Close Date” will be automatically set with the current date)
Pre-configured issue tracker workflow

Charts and reports

This issue tracking template provides pre-configured reports:

  • Open issues
  • Late critical issue
  • “My” issues, that display only the issue assigned to “me”. It can be integrated on your personal dashboard as well .
AsTeam view board

Tuleap adapts to you, not the contrary

As mentioned in the introduction, those Tuleap templates enable you quickly start your project but you will be able to adapt everything to your own usage. It is not you that have to adapt to the tool, but the tool that must have the capacity to adapt to your process. Tuleap will.

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