Say hello to TLP and Burning Parrot

It’s been 6 months since we wrote about Why we choose to get rid of Bootstrap and build our own framework. We’ve done a lot of work since we made this decision and we wanted to give you our feedback on that.


As we said before, we choose to leave Bootstrap behind us and build our Tuleap CSS framework called « TLP ». TLP provides many UI components, all tested with Chrome, Firefox and IE11 and available in 6 colors. Here's the full list of what is available as of today:

  • Layout
  • Panes
  • Alerts
  • Tabs
  • Pagination
  • Colors
  • Avatars
  • Typography
  • Badges
  • Buttons
  • Switch
  • Form elements (all types of inputs, select box, date pickers…)
  • Tables
  • Tooltips
  • Modals

As we don’t support very old IE versions, we didn’t encounter huge problems during this first step of development. Until now, we sticked to KISS mantra: everything has been written in pure Javascript and SCSS (TLP relies on two external libraries only for date picker and advanced select box).

A documentation sums up all available components and how to use them. This documentation is directly shipped with Tuleap sources.

Burning Parrot in Tuleap administration

We didn’t write our own framework just for fun. The goal was to provide all we needed to revamp the UI of Tuleap administration. So, during the Tuleap 9.1 release, we’ve « rebooted » the Tuleap administration with a new Tuleap theme called « Burning Parrot ». This new theme will soon be the only one theme available in Tuleap and has 6 variants of colors. Here are some screenshots of the new Tuleap administration.

Tuleap administration homepage

Revamped homepage

Tuleap administration sidebar

New admin sidebar

Tuleap administration pattern

Every page are based on the same patterns

Tuleap administration user password

User password

Plugin installation

Plugin installation

Delete confirm

Delete confirmation everywhere

Finally, we are glad to have left Bootstrap. TLP is really simple to use because it really fits to our needs. For the big majority of migrated pages, developers haven’t written SCSS at all because TLP does the job, the right way (no SCSS or Javascript crappy overrides anymore).

What’s next?

Tuleap administration is just a small part of Tuleap. The next step is to provide the same user experience everywhere in Tuleap, this is why we are doing all the mockups needed. But we still need your help and the best thing you can do is to give us your feedback on Burning Parrot using the Tuleap mailing list.

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