by Manon Midy

Express your agile way with Tuleap Scrum

Make your Tuleap Scrum the shared workspace for all your team members: Product Owners, Customers, ScrumMaster, agile Developers.  Start now with a ready-to-use area and shape it your agile way.

Tuleap Scrum workpsace unique features:

  • Intuitive
  • Easy to start up
  • Highly customizable
  • For teams of all sizes
  • Integrated to the whole development lifecycle.

Watch it in live and try it out!

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Manon Midy


Manon Midy

Manon has been working in the software engineering world from 2008. She enjoys the challenge to create economic value for a company where innovation and open source are the DNA. She is convinced it’s possible to provide professional services embracing FLOSS values (open-mind, transparency, co-elaboration) with business objectives. She believes the real strength of Enalean comes from the valuable men and women in their teams, as well as the powerful Tuleap techno. 

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