by Matteo Mazzeri

From Nerds to Geniuses the amazing transition of developers who now are
at the center of the digital revolution.

Snowcamp was a great 3 days
meeting in Grenoble, a university day and 2 days of workshops and
masterclasses made by coders for coders.

Before diving in the conference just a few thoughts as the barriers
between the virtual and the real world disappear, software, networks and
data become the driving forces that control our daily lives. As developers
we need to be aware of the impact we can have and the growing
responsibility we need to assume. Previously the impact of poor code had
limited consequences, turning off and on the computer again would 99% of
the time solve the issue (nudge nudge IT Crowd), but where is the reset
button on a smart city?

These responsibilities imply new ways of coding, testing and
collaborating, new actors and disciplines, and emphasis on security,
ethics and usability has to be enhanced. Software engineering practices
have to be adopted to ensure and accelerate development of quality code
and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.

Answering this need, Enalean develops Tuleap which
is the only entreprise quality 100% libre and open source Application
Lifecycle Management solution that allows to apply software engineering
practices to application development, we would love to have your feedback
as Enalean is working hard constantly improving it, so that you can
liberate your genius and apply the best software engineering practices to
develop reliable quality code fast.

A word of thanks to the great Snowcamp
team, they have put together an amazing panel and attendees, I hope
they’ll write a post about the making of snowcamp because they have some
really funny anecdotes.

Here follow a few photos from the conference.

Yes! Yes! Yeees! there is some snow up on the mountains
around Grenoble for the 1st edition of snowcamp
🙂 00 Mountains IMG_9996.jpg

What’s Snowcamp? it’s a great
event from coders to coders in Grenoble. After a first university day
at the World trade center, the > 200 snowcampers met at Ensimag
braving Google Maps deviant address and the freezing hall on the campus. Emmanuel
Hugonnet launched snowcamp 2016 after climbing some steeeeep slopes
that he shared with us, showing how brave snowcamp team really are 🙂

02 Panique IMG_9885.jpg

With a little push from the sponsors and a looot of work &
courage from the team, snowcamp came to life in an auditorium that
has seen many many years of classes.

03 Tuleap Sponsor IMG_9880.jpg

To begin with, Sacha Labourey’s keynote recalled Marc Andreesen’s
essay Software
is eating the world
 then sating that we are living in the
golden age of developers. With glory comes also the responsibility of
making or killing companies, therefore software engineering practices have
to be implemented.

08 Software is eating the world IMG_9889.jpg

Amongst the public you can spot here David Pilato (elastic search), Rémy
Sanlaville (France Telecom), Emmanuel Hugonnet (Redhat), Etienne
Issartial (Commitstrip), Thomas Guenoux(Commitstrip) and many others
assisting Sacha Labourey’s keynote

10 David Pilato Rémy Sanlaville Emmanuel Hugonnet... IMG_9921.jpg

After an intense day of keynotes and workshops, off to Grenoble’s city
center for a fondue/raclette dinner with the speakers of which I’ll spare
you the details.

14 Speakers Dinner IMG_9977.jpg

Day 2 started with a brilliantly funny keynote from Thomas Guenoux (CommitStrip) 
who did a flashback of the last 20 years explained to his mother. Really
funny and totally identifiable experiences.

16 CommitStrip IMG_0001.jpg

Benjamin Degerbaix and Dimitri Baeli from gave an
interesting presentation sharing their love for git and how they release
daily and forbid conflicts in git. After 5000 releases all is still
working lean and clean.

20 Les Furets IMG_0066.jpg

at lunchtime a live
podcast by Emmanuel Bernard (cast codeurs)
 was recorded with an
overview of what happened until then.

21 Les Cast Codeurs à la montagne IMG_0091.jpg

Nathalie Cotté from Bonitasoft, the only woman speaker if I am not wrong,
delivered a speech to 200 heros about Usability and the central importance
of User experience in development. 22 Nathalie Cotté Bonitasoft IMG_0129.jpg

Etienne Issartial from Commitstrip spent the afternoon signing autographs
and at the end of the day still smiling and fresh (probably frozen by the
cold 😉 )

23 Etienne Issartial commitstrip IMG_0145.jpg

At the end of the day, the whole team of snowcamp was acclaimed by an
enthusiastic public.


Yes snowcamp 2016 has been a success and we are already looking forward
to next year. To have an insider view of snowcamp, read also Miguel’s
post in french

Matteo Mazzeri


Matteo Mazzeri

A tech evangelist, citizen of the world, and open source software ambassador, Matteo is passionate about helping private and public organizations thrive in the digital revolution. His talent lies in understanding the connections between technology and societal development. He facilitates the Tuleap community, especially in Switzerland.

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