Automatically or manually. Choose how remaining effort is calculated.


In the Tuleap issue tracker tool, computed fields are special fields. They allow to do the sum of all values of a field in artifacts sharing the same field name. For example, we use a computed field to calculate the remaining effort of a release. This post aims to explain how the computed field is working, both on the functional and technical sides.

How configuring Tuleap tracker to plan and track effort?

To explain how monitoring a team effort, we will take the example of an agile team working with the Scrum approach. Keep in mind the process to configure tracker fields should remain the same if you are not working with Scrum or even not with agile. It can be adapted to track any team members work.

Team Capacity, Initial Effort, Remaining Effort

scrum planning pocker

Video Tutorial - How easy it is to customize my project trackers

With Tuleap, each project team can tailor its trackers to perfectly adapt them the way it works: add/remove fields, change layout, manage permissions, automate actions. Here an overview of the Tuleap trackers customization options, per project.

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