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It’s fun!

The ambience at agile tours is great! People know how to make you feel well and welcome. Somehow it facilitates a more trustworthy relation with people you meet. If you have never been to an agile tour, do not hesitate to go, it’s great fun!

It’s time for confidences

New year is time for confidences, and we have a few to share. After meeting a lot of agile coaches and people with different degrees of agility practice at the two agile tours we sponsored in December, agile tour Paris and agile tour Lausanne, we felt a bit like we were the friendly shoulder on which to lament their griefs with the tools they had to use. A lot of people came to us looking for a solution that would be flexible enough to match their needs and liberate them from their present griefs with the current widely known and used solution.

As sponsors we had a stand at both events and it was extremely enriching and encouraging the feedback we received from people we met. When we presented Tuleap, people were surprised by the simplicity of use and the freedom it gave them with respect to the solutions they were used to. They were all surprised not to know Tuleap, and here is why we are not yet widely known.

Usually we spend a lot of time talking to customers and working on our product and quality of relation with our customers, we have been working hard to make Tuleap a great product that keeps evolving and answering the needs of our community (Just checkout this video, in french, to see what I mean, Monitoring Activity and Deliverables of large IT projects). We have also dedicated a lot of energy to ensure a great support to our customers. The reward of this focus, is reflected in customer satisfaction and long-lasting relations. Now that we are making our community happy, we want to enlarge it and liberate people from tool esclavage by increasing our communication and visibility.

Our presence at these two agile tours goes exactly in this direction. It’s great for us to meet potential users and get feedback from people who haven’t had a chance to see Tuleap before. Very often we see smiles of joy when we do a demo of Tuleap as it answers a lot of their needs. Take a peek at our stand, and notice our famous Tuleap balloons.

At the lushy Alpha Palmiers in Lausanne During lunchtime we had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session about Agile in real business life. If you did not have a chance to talk to us then, you can still catch up! Just join one of our webinars and ask!

During a pause we came up with an interesting game: try teaching how to make the Tuleap balloon just with words. Not so simple, but very funny.

Collaboration & Synchronisation. Thoughts on team optimisation

At Agile tour Lausanne, I gave a talk about team optimisation and synchronisation . My main aim was to share one of the ingredients at the roots of successful teams: a sense of belonging to a common cause. To get there I started buying a kilo of agility off the shelf. Yes sometimes it still happens that people want to buy a tool or a method and believe that is the way to be agile! Even though we are editors of Tuleap, we are the first to say that a tool cannot solve your problems and make you agile by magic! Easy to forget but hard to mend if starting with the wrong foot.

To share the sense of belonging I structured the talk around an agile day at Enalean and was also inspired by the five dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni. Would be more than happy to share your thoughts on the matter. What are your best tips for team optimisation and synchronisation?

To close, I would like to thank the organisers of the Agile tours, as I know well how hard it is to organise events, I am a co-organiser for DevopsDays Geneva and you are more than welcome to join us there on February 24th and 25th.

Till then, to find out more about Tuleap or any other subject mentioned in this blogpost, please do not hesitate to give Tuleap a try or to contact me.


Matteo Mazzeri

A tech evangelist, citizen of the world, and open source software ambassador, Matteo is passionate about helping private and public organizations thrive in the digital revolution. His talent lies in understanding the connections between technology and societal development. He facilitates the Tuleap community, especially in Switzerland.