Tuleap 8.5



User experience

Global enhancements of user & project feedback pages.

  • story #7892 Have a beautiful register feedback
  • story #7893 Have a beautiful project creation feedback
  • story #8248 Have a beautiful register confirmation email
  • story #8268 Redirect directly to the login page when the user confirms its account creation
  • request #8315 Automatically select an appropriate timezone at the account creation

Artifact AngularJS modale (Planning v2 & Kanban)

  • story #8225 Submit a followup comment on artifact edition

Planning v2

  • story #8218 have a light view of planning v2 with focus on parent title



  • story #8246 Render Readme.md in gitphp
  • request #7915 Flag gerrit user account as inactive when they are suspended from ldap (contribution STMicroelectronics)
  • request #8076 Save deleted git repositories before purging them (contribution STMicroelectronics)


Continuation of work on XML import / export of data with history.

Authentication & LDAP

  • story #8207 Use Active Directory as an LDAP directory
  • story #8208 Have nightly LDAP synchro with Active Directory


  • story #8317 Fetch tracker artifacts in the reverse order via the API
  • request #8304 Missing color property in trackers/:id REST route
  • request #8298 Add "reverse_link" to "art_link" field in REST routes

Bug fix

In addition to that, 18 requests were fixed

How to install & test

As usual:

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