by Manuel Vacelet



User experience

Global enhancements of user & project feedback pages.

  • story #7892 Have a beautiful register feedback
  • story #7893 Have a beautiful project creation feedback
  • story #8248 Have a beautiful register confirmation email
  • story #8268 Redirect directly to the login page when the user confirms its account creation
  • request #8315 Automatically select an appropriate timezone at the account creation

Artifact AngularJS modale (Planning v2 & Kanban)

  • story #8225 Submit a followup comment on artifact edition

Planning v2

  • story #8218 have a light view of planning v2 with focus on parent title



  • story #8246 Render in gitphp
  • request #7915 Flag gerrit user account as inactive when they are suspended from ldap (contribution STMicroelectronics)
  • request #8076 Save deleted git repositories before purging them (contribution STMicroelectronics)


Continuation of work on XML import / export of data with history.

Authentication & LDAP

  • story #8207 Use Active Directory as an LDAP directory
  • story #8208 Have nightly LDAP synchro with Active Directory


  • story #8317 Fetch tracker artifacts in the reverse order via the API
  • request #8304 Missing color property in trackers/:id REST route
  • request #8298 Add “reverse_link” to “art_link” field in REST routes

Bug fix

In addition to that, 18 requests were fixed

How to install & test

As usual:

Manuel Vacelet


Manuel Vacelet

As CTO of Enalean and Tuleap product owner within Enalean, Manuel’s mission is to keep Enalean’s tech team happy. This means providing our developers and other tech staffers with a challenging and rewarding work environment guided by a single philosophy: to be accountable to our customers in everything we do. Manuel spends much of his workday…you guessed it…reviewing code! He also dabbles in systems administration, continuous integration, and other software-engineering tasks.

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