by Manuel Vacelet

A lot of internal improvements so few screenshots or animated gif for this release, stay tuned for 8.2 😉



  • story #7813: allow restricted users to access “really public” git repositories
  • request #8027: Git repositories in private projects can be accessed by non project members
  • request #7384: Restore archived gitolite repositories from siteadmin

Planning v2

  • request #7880: Hide Closed Items in V2 Planning only hides Parent artifacts
  • request #7925: Milestone should be collapsed by default in planning v2

Site administration

  • Mailman: site admin can define max subscribers limit.
  • story #7886: Upgrade to mediawiki 1.23
  • story #7742: Purge disk statistics

Bug fix

In addition to that, 49 requests were fixed.

How to install & test

As usual:

Manuel Vacelet


Manuel Vacelet

As CTO of Enalean and Tuleap product owner within Enalean, Manuel’s mission is to keep Enalean’s tech team happy. This means providing our developers and other tech staffers with a challenging and rewarding work environment guided by a single philosophy: to be accountable to our customers in everything we do. Manuel spends much of his workday…you guessed it…reviewing code! He also dabbles in systems administration, continuous integration, and other software-engineering tasks.

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